With no laws broken, should the catholic school have expelled the kids after their mom sold nudes online?

  • Diane Peake - 6 months ago

    If you're a parent who thinks selling yourself for soft porn is ok...why have your kids in a
    religious school? And they just didn't pose in sexy undies...it was more than that. Take your fake boobs and butts
    and don't hypocritically send your kids to a school that has religious standards. Your lifestyle damages your kids more than them leaving a school. sick

  • Ace - 6 months ago

    Everyone who shamed her acting like they never took a nude pic, or done some of the things she's done before.. the other mothers are only mad cause they're prob her age, & don't look as good as her. NO ONE here is innocent, we've prob ALL done some of the things she's done. she's at least being faithful to her family, and not cheating.. I bet you some of the mothers that reported her are lowkey cheating on their husbands... Y'all one of jesus's teaching "love thy neighbor a you would yourself." Or thee "forgive, & forget" To all those that complained, lets hope NO ONE catches y'all doing something bad, and then show it to your chool.

  • Karl A Rodriguez - 6 months ago

    The students of the perv Dad who found the site should also be expelled all things being equal.

  • Eric Johnson - 6 months ago

    The church is dumb and should reread the bible

  • Sb - 6 months ago

    Your personnel life should be kept only between you and your spouse. It's great you want to make your marriage work. It's not ok for the whole world to see you. If you are doing this as,a career there are sights that you can use. What are you teaching your kids outloud. These are things you talk about at home with your children. Are they OK?

  • Mr. Z - 6 months ago

    Yeah I voted yes on the poll simply because it's a private Christian school aka church, However they should go to a public school and then I would have voted no on the poll. ALSO I feel bad for her kids when they grow up and their friend's can get nude pics of their mom and show kids at school bc the mom is narcissistic and it's only all about her I bet[me me me it's all about me and when it isn't about me then I don't care] Fans only is stupid and it's basically porn. It's simple if the want a private school then stop the only fans, looks like you've made enough money anyways....

  • Judi - 6 months ago

    She and her kids BELONG in public school. Those here playing the pedo card need to include Mormon Muslim scouts DC—-Biden sniff sniff Hollywood too. Will be urging the diocese to block them. And she needs to lose weight.

  • Brian Khan - 6 months ago

    No bodies else's fricken business what she does. And people who take it out on her kids and her husband needs to be fired and she should be looking into law suits against all these people.
    And people who are call her a hore, look at your self first, how many guys you had SEX with before you got married or probably still sleeping around behind your boyfriend.
    Church lol stay away from ulta boys. ???? ???? ????

  • Aecas - 6 months ago

    Eyyy I knew this person was familiar!!! Hahahaha good 10$ I spent man. Wow what a coincidence

  • William C Tarbell - 6 months ago

    The catholic church protects and defends pedophiles. They have NO moral standing.

  • Katherine Walker - 6 months ago

    My questions is what were the other moms doing on the website, they in their perfect lives have nothing else to do but takedown someone else's.

  • Other moms are just jealous - 6 months ago

    Proves they aren’t concerned with the children and changing patterns or witnessing. How does what the mother does for a living affect the school exactly? She’s not attending the church teaching lessons, the kids are. Maybe they need to reread the Bible & the story of Jesus & the woman at the well. They should take the opportunity instead of casting stones. These other moms who found her Onlyfans, what were they doing on there to begin with? Jealous & petty... sent her photos to the school to view, really?somebody was mad cause their husband was looking at it. Grow up.

  • Hope - 6 months ago

    I think it is very right. Sending your kids to a catholic or even a Christian school she knows that isn't something they are going to allow.
    My question is why is she sending them there if she obviously isn't a Christian or have moral beliefs

  • Anonymus - 6 months ago

    In this case I think you have to look at the rules the school has established for admission to see if they have been broken. No doubt the parents after being confronted were given a choice about ceasing their non Catholic activity. It seems they chose the easy money over the school for the kids. So that to me says it would be the parents punishing their kids not the school. ... Personally!, if I I had no rules to follow and was in charge, I would probably let the kids stay in school unless their parent's activity is influencing the other students . Let's face it , how many parents negectfully give their kids access to phones and computers without Porn Blocker apps loaded on them ? That's a big part of this issue as well. Phone and computer companies should have Porn Blocker apps installed and defaulted to ON for anyone under 18. Listen , phone companies will never do this on their own cause they want to sell you more air time minutes.

    Willfully engaging in this sort activity by the parents of those kids promotes impurity not to mention pornography ...I have done a good bit of reading about the Medjugorje apparitions.of the Blessed Mother. One message that stood out to me was that the Blessed Mother of Jesus says in one of her apparitions that more people go to eternal Hell for sins of impurity than for any other reason. If you think Hell is going to be a party for sinners check out the youtube 23 minutes in Hell......That's just one example. Saint John Bosco and Saint Faustina are Catholic Saints whose visions of Hell are also similar. As I understand it, the Catholic church regards willful viewing of pornography as a grave sin. You cannot receive Holy Communion, the body of Jesus without first confessing your sin to a priest during attendance of confession. I'm glad to see the Catholic Church finally speaking up on this matter of video impurity . It creates a lot of damage in society.
    It promotes teen and unwanted pregnancies that promote abortion. It hurts marriages and promotes adultery; it causes people to sin.

  • Don Drumpf - 6 months ago

    Dan's wife(sister?) and mother are hoes.

  • Chris U - 6 months ago

    People on this planet and especially in America are offended for any little stupid thing. This woman is sending her kids to school and making bank on the side, but I guarantee there's a priest thats subscribed to her OF. Religion isn't about "God" anymore, it's about money. Sue the school and take everything they got.

  • Dan - 6 months ago

    What a whore

  • Waisun Tsang - 6 months ago

    Look at the result of the vote. Number speaks.

  • Kay - 6 months ago

    It's pretty anti feminist that this woman has decided to make herself an object to "save" her marriage. She's caving the husband and I feel bad for the children witnessing this example. Her children are being taught that females are just here for male satisfaction and nothing more. She doesn't have a soul, a mind, a sense of humor, she's just tits and ass

  • Gregory Milewski - 7 months ago

    She is making $150,000 a month, I’m sure there is another private school who will be happy to take some cash off her hands.

    The Catholic Church, preaches forgiveness of sins, but acts quick when their name is one the line to throw the first stone.

    Good, for Ms.Jackson...making over a million dollars a year...

  • Willie - 7 months ago

    The Catholic Church needs to clean up their own back yard, and remove ALL pedophile priest from the church! The woman is not a student at the school. It's okay for priest to screw little boys, but a woman can't model sexy apparel. Catholic hypocrites!! I left the Catholic Church in 1962.

  • Butch Goodwin - 7 months ago

    If you look further into this Catholic Schools are not just private schools. They are guided by a code of conduct centuries old. The fact this parent has made this public. That in itself is grounds for expulsion. I have a feeling though this woman is looking to gain followers her children the pawns in the game. I wish the woman well and under the bill of rights, she can do as she wishes. However, even public schools have codes of conduct these days. Governing a student's life during school and vacation. With the income that the woman claims, she could afford good legal advice. Get sum..dont make your kids the focal point

  • Catholic Child, Now Catholic Adult - 7 months ago

    I was fortunate to have 12 years of Catholic school education, both elementary and high school. My parents were practicing Catholics and bought their first house because it was within walking distance to the school, church and convent. They were a wonderful example of how to live a good life. They were kind and honest and always tried to do the right thing. They taught us to be kind, generous, modest and chaste. We were taught not to choose money over morality. They knew the teachings at school would echo the teachings at home. It is sad that the children must pay the price, but I think the parents are setting a terrible example of how to earn money. What the parents did and apparently will continue to do does not follow the teachings of a Catholic school. You can’t get an abortion at a Catholic hospital because it goes against their moral code. Selling nude photos of yourself goes against the school’s morals. It’s as simple as that. You can do what you want, but don’t associate yourself with us.

  • Deep Per - 7 months ago

    I want to know what we're those lady doing on the wid site anyway
    What about people drinking
    Pot smokin
    Child molesters
    Doctors and nurses that perform abortions
    Should we question every parent who is registered the kids in the school and find out what their parents do and if we don't like it we should kick their kids out of school I don't see what this has to do with the kids as long as they're keeping that private but I don't think that is now

  • Scott A Burwell - 7 months ago

    J McAlister, wouldn't you do anything to take care of your kids? or do you have kids? Just cause you don't agree with it, then don't do it.... don't judge lest ye be judged?

  • Anna - 7 months ago

    She is grown, married, has kids and making killer money. All I hear is judgemental losers wishing they werent fat behind a keyboard.

  • Vince - 7 months ago

    She is hot. Is there a difference from what she's doing and the lingerie models?

  • Jackie Blood - 7 months ago

    This is just appalling. Of course your kids should not have been kicked out were they in the videos? These are Catholics were talking about maybe if they were a little boys in the videos they'd be okay with it! No offense Catholics, I was raised in the church also. ( Operative word is was ) the level of hypocrisy is here is just crazy. Isn't there a reason they call prostitution Yoda's profession in this woman was even even a prostitute! Sounds like a bunch of jealousy to me. What she was doing is completely legal, obviously. She's not in Nevada and I don't see any charges being brought up. My thoughts on this is there isn't a mother on this planet he wouldn't do what she has to to make sure she'll never have a hungry child. if you got it flaunted if she was a stripper would they have done the same thing? or is it because these were videos I don't understand.

  • J McAlister - 7 months ago

    SHES trash ! Absolutely kick her kids out !
    Sign of the times .... next hint you know she’s the headmaster”s
    Best friend! Come on ... grow up people

  • David Lee - 7 months ago

    It's a private school/ business. They can do whatever they want. If you don't agree vote with your wallet.

  • Single working mom - 7 months ago

    As a single mom, we do what we need to to make sure our kids are taken care of. As Catholics, I do believe the teaching is said not to judge others unless you are without sin.... Please, if you are without sin in any way shape or form, thoughts, heart, spirit and body (including everything you put into it) step up so we know who you are. If not then remember we are human and were given "free will"....for those that say "they need Jesus in their life" How do YOU know they don't believe? Personally I don't believe,doesn't mean I don't still understand what the teachings are... Every religion follows a few BASIC laws...don't judge..do no harm to others... respect/ love others

    Now as to the "older KIDS" that may come across it, WHY do they have access to since you have to be 18+ to even sign up, where are the parents at when they see or sign up for these things??? Exactly.....kids will see and do what they want, no matter how much we shelter our kids the world is vast and they see more than we want them to see. If you really want to complain about something then complain how the world is going to hell cause we as humans have taken our free will yo destroy what was given to us, all because we believe we NEED to have/own everything around us and when we don't we judge/bully/force others (human and animals alike) to give what we want to us.

    Just a little of my person food for thought, but again we are human and are entitled to our opinion. It's just when our options are forces/bullied onto others do they become harmful to others.... Kids see what we do and how we act, YOU are their main point of influence, then others... But you as a patient first

  • Banks - 7 months ago

    People going to start learning that, your whorish actions dont just affect you.

  • Tina - 7 months ago

    No, the children should not be punished for their Mothers poor choice of an online career. And making another observation, all this hype about the Mother's account on this website is only adding more attention to the Mother and her web page. I feel sorry for her kids. Now you all know if your kid goes to a Catholic school that any type of smut like what went down is a high risk factor. The Mom obviously is playing stupid.

  • Single working mom - 7 months ago

    As a single mom, we do what we need to to make sure our kids are taken care of. As Catholics, I do believe the teaching is said not to judge others unless you are without sin.... Please, if you are without sin in any way shape or form, thoughts, heart, spirit and body (including everything you put into it) step up so we know who you are. If not then remember we are human and were given "free will"
    Now as to the "older KIDS" that may come across it, WHY do they have access to since you have to be 18+ to even sign up, where are the parents at when they see or sign up for these things??? Exactly.....kids will see and do what they want, no matter how much we shelter our kids the world is vast and they see more than we want them to see. If you really want to complain about something then complain how the world is going to hell cause we as humans have taken our free will yo destroy what was given to us, all because we believe we NEED to have/own everything around us and when we don't we judge/bully/force others (human and animals alike) to give what we want to us.

    Just a little of my person food for thought, but again we are human and are entitled to our opinion. It's just when our options are forces/bullied onto others do they become harmful to others.... Kids see what we do and how we act, YOU are their main point of influence, then others... But you as a patient first

  • Dawn Webb - 7 months ago

    All these people judging the mom, writing to the school casting judgement have seem to forgotten the Bible says don't throw stones!! Such hypocrisy from these so called church goers!! What were you doing on the site in the 1st place? That is not a free site so what was your judgemental butts doing there?? 2021 people, mind your business, focus on your family, teach them not to judge others. Holding your self to higher standards because you go to church then go against the church's teachings.... Karen needs to find a new hobby!!

  • J. Barker - 7 months ago

    Why would they not xpell them? Momma is at home setting a great example. Lmao

  • Beth - 7 months ago

    Private School- no explanation needed

  • Beth - 7 months ago

    Private School- no explanation needed

  • Diane - 7 months ago

    It's a Big Sin for Mom, she's wrong , she doesn't have Jesus Christ in her life. Her Children suffer , from there Mom . I'd would be embarrassed for this Mom . Poor Children.

  • Evan T - 7 months ago

    I sure hope none of the DWI/DUI’s these Christian suburban moms get will affect their children’s education....this is such a stupid decision.

  • Ohio - 7 months ago

    Why is a couple who is choosing to participate and sell pornographic content so adamant their children have a Catholic education? It is not the school's job to lead their children in the faith; it is the job of the parents. They made promises at the baptism of their children to do so. The school does not condone the actions of the parents, and by accepting tuition from them, they are accepting monies raised in the exploitation of the mother's body.

  • Joe - 7 months ago

    That's exactly what you would expect from a hypocrite Catholic institution, who covered up pediphyle priests for decades.

  • Steve - 7 months ago

    No crime committed. She should sue gor her kids.

  • Johnny - 7 months ago

    If their mom was a stripper would they have punished the kids for moms career choices. I hope not. Send those kids back to school. The alternative is the streets and we have enough rifraf on the streets already.

  • Steve - 7 months ago

    Good thing she didn't write a judge to get him to keep her fellow child abusing seminary buddy out of jail (who then subsequently took advantage of that freedom to rape a minor in Albuquerque).

    She'd be the Bishop of Sacramento by now!


  • CommonSense - 7 months ago

    These scuzzy people lack in moral character. There are other ways to spice up your life besides nudity online, especially when you have kids. They don't care about their kids, it's all about their egos.

  • J - 7 months ago

    What would one expect from a bunch of crazies. Cmon now.

  • Non-Catholic - 7 months ago

    The private school has every right to do what they did. They aren't punishing the kids and would probably prefer to keep them in school. If the activities of the parents had remained private, no actions would have probably been taken at all. That said, they were made aware of it and it forced them to take action. If they hadn't taken action against these parents, the headlines would have read "Catholic Schools Profit from Pornography" or "Family Forced to Perform Pornography to Finance Catholic Tuition!" Reporters still might pursue that angle.
    Regarding hypocrisy in the church, yep there is. People are hypocrites everywhere. Why would it stop because they joined a church? In faith or out of faith, people are the same everywhere. We're just stinkers.

  • Judgemental Jerk - 7 months ago

    I have read, with interest, the arguments, both pro and con, and yet I think that many people miss the point here. It is not the activities of the parents which are truly abhorrent, but those of the people that made it their mission to expose them, to hurt the children by expelling them from school, by purposefully stigmatizing the family.

    To those that would say those are the risks of engaging in the adult industry I might agree to a point. Yes, that is a risk but the people that exposed them engaged in bullying behavior of the most despicable kind. Trying to enforce their own morality on people.

    I loathe to quote the bible but this is truly relevant and applies to everyone "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

    This type of virtuous behavior has always been a preamble to some of the most heinous acts of violence throughout history. "I am good and they are bad so we must expel them".....when will this lunacy stop!?!

  • anonymous - 7 months ago

    I would like to reply to the person whose mother murdered her sister. Your mom broke the law and was sentenced to reform her criminality and protect you and society. You were taken to school by a authority figure who had not and was not actively engaging in an illegal nor immoral way. If these children were to be under the supervision of such a figure today, they would not be expelled. The difference is the conduct is ongoing. They portray themselves as bullied and plan to continue with their lifestyle. Catholic schools today have many children of divorced parents, gay parents, kids being raised by grandparents and they are allowed admission. Going public confirms that the goal is more money and viewers.

    In my former job there was a beautiful, sexy, mom of two teenage boys. They lived on ten acres and she was a nudist. Her 17 year old was so ashamed to have friends over because all of the boys wanted to ogled his mom more than be a friend. She didn't get it. Finally tensions boiled over. Her husband divorced her and the boys picked their dad. No law was broken , just some hearts.

  • Robert - 7 months ago

    I was raised Catholic the Priest and higher up are a bunch of hypocrites and some pedophiles. But they try to cover that. HOW'S THAT WORKING FOR YOU PIGS NOW. WHAT A SICK CORRUPT ORGANIZATION

  • V castillon - 7 months ago

    I went to st Joseph school and academy in the 50’s early 60’s
    Everyone knew my mom was in prison for manslaughter of her sister. Later they all knew when she was arrested for parole violation and prostitution.
    I was not expelled or condemned.
    I was saved in more ways than one by the mercy shown me by those hard assed nuns.
    What has happened to church principles?

    Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come unto me,: for such is the kingdom of heaven.
    Matt 19:14

  • Former Catholic - 7 months ago

    I agree that the school has every right to expel these kids. As a private institution they are entitled to that. However, I really have to hand it to all you self righteous Catholics on here. You pervert the teachings of Jesus as you punch your church time card and then praise Jesus you can get back to sinning as you leave the church parking lot. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • bob - 7 months ago

    Id you don't want to obey the rules, don't go to a private school. In other words be a ho somewhere else

  • Momof2 - 7 months ago

    The psychological toll this will have on the children is morally reprehensible. All for your lust, perversion and greed. Praying for those innocent boys. ????

  • anonymous - 7 months ago

    The mother and father are repudiating the tenets of the Catholic faith. They value money and attention more than the consequences that all children of sex workers suffer. This stigma will follow them to the next school. Money will not bring back the innocence of childhood they selfishly crushed. CPS should evaluate them for parental fitness.

  • Shelly - 7 months ago

    Really....like...REALLY! You sign your kids up for a private CATHOLIC school and you think that once your "little" secret is found out, you and your kids won't suffer the repercussions? I'm happy that you make a very VERY small fortune at the expense of your childrens education. You should really be proud of the work it took for you to....A. Banish your kids from their school.....B. Lose all of the familiar faces that I'm sure your children grew to love (friends, teachers...learning in a school as opposed to home schooling due to COVID), and finally C. Hmmmm......how do I say this gently....ummmm.....your income is about to get a smidge smaller due to the fact that you and your hubby will now be your childrens teachers full time.....just sayin'.

  • Jeff Light - 7 months ago

    Let he who has no sin cast the first stone. The man they follow and should emulate, said that himself. Not so in this case. When the pedophilia was covered up and excused for so long they dare raise issue here? Contradict much?

  • Linda - 7 months ago

    This is a private school that teaches morals and values to their student's.These values are carried out in their student's homes, because 99%of these children are Catholic, that's attending this school.The other 1% are other.Therefore these parents send their children to the school, of their faith and expect for the same values that are instead in these children at home to be taught in the Catholic School.I, feel if u chooses to send your child to this private school then u should go by their rules, and if u don't. want to abide by their rules, then LEAVE!!!

  • WinAgain - 7 months ago

    It's pretty sad when children's lives are affected by adult decisions whether it be the mothers decision to do what she is completely legally entitled to do or the school states that it's against their policy. Regardless those boys lives are negativity affected by adults. Let those children go to school and be children and not suffer the consequences of things they have no choice over.

  • Public School Mom - 7 months ago

    Two things: 1) I HIGHLY doubt that you make $150,000 a month by simply posting slightly provocative pictures. 2) I am a parent of a child who has always attended public school. That being said, private, religious schools should have the right to expect adherence to morality rules and enforce expulsion if the student and/or their family choose not to follow them. The wife is continuing her lucrative “business,” so the school does not have a choice. This is a PRIVATE school, not a publicly-funded institution.

  • Anonymous - 7 months ago

    As someone who went to Catholic School in Sacramento for 13yrs of my life, I see maybe 5% of everyone I went to school with truly “upholding” the stupid standards of Catholics. Most of my friends agree these schools did nothing but further drive us from the religion and these moms are exactly why. Who cares what someone is doing on their free time. Worry about your kids and yourself. Chances are their rich husbands are cheating and they’re insure about themselves. Maybe if they got a real job they wouldn’t have so much free time to worry or care about others who are irreverent to their lives!

  • Rose - 7 months ago

    Religious schools do have rules. And she is doing more than posting pics. She has brought media attention on this issue. The school does not want to be involved in her drama and her actions and job do not support the church and schools values.

  • J Toland - 7 months ago

    A religious school should be concerned more with educating children and not what their parents do. Obviously, this school primary focus is on the culture war and not educating children.must be a horrible school. Kids are better of going someplace else.

  • a mom who keeps her clothes on - 7 months ago

    The Jacksons are being dishonest about the content that they make available in the web - she is posting full nude, explicit photos. As a mother in this community, I’ve been so deeply disappointed and hurt by Crystal Jackson’s choices - of course the community would find out, and then the older kids, and then even some of the younger kids. She has put us all in the difficult position of having to explain to our young sons and daughters why a mother in their community would choose to become a sex worker and sell her body as a masturbation aide for strangers. Further, she has taunted the community and families repeatedly; intentionally creating a narrative that would create publicity for her online business. She has USED our church, school, marriages, families, and children (her own children, as well all of our children) as pawns toward her ambitions to create this false narrative of jealousy and bullying. It’s just not true, everyone is very sad for her children- sad that their mother has chosen to leave a successful job to become a sex worker and destroy the community that they have grown up in. Consider why she chose to send her children to this small parish school? The values and sense of community - the very things that she is destroying. She wants the benefits of a small parochial school community, but refuses to make the contributions that are required.

  • T. Marino - 7 months ago

    As a former Catholic school teacher, parents were expected to live by and uphold the values taught by the Catholic Church. It’s very difficult to train children in the Catholic way when parents are living opposite of the beliefs. In fact, many schools have families sign an agreement regarding their support of the Catholic faith. If this family cannot help the school promote the Catholic faith, another school is the best option.

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