How do you play your video games?

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  • Kylane Easterwood - 1 year ago

    I grew up with a brother and cousins who were all try-hards when it came to gaming. I have one friend who completes games on the hardest difficulty and doesn’t touch them again unless new content comes out. Never on easy mode. I felt I had no choice but to get as good as then just to have a good time with the fam. When I started buying my own games I played on either default or easy and the only exception was multiplayer online games, where the difficulty depends on who’s playing the characters you’re going against.
    An easy and relaxing game I recommend is called Journey. I used to play it after a long day at work. You fly and walk around looking for markers that extend your flight ability. The environment is soothing and mysterious. It has a story that I couldn’t comprehend until I replayed it (has great replay value). I think y’all would like it. You can also meet random people online too! And when I mean random, I mean it’s random to where you could be meditating and all of a sudden you see another person like you running around; y’all are on a journey together. At the end of every playthrough the game lets you know who joined you on your journey.
    TLDR: I don’t play games to stress myself, I play to enjoy the experience.

  • SandlerAgony - 1 year ago

    With lone exceptions, I do welcome playing games on the "normal" difficulty, if I feel ready to go into a new game with an increased challenge. Lately, for instance, I've played games like The Messenger & Cyber Shadow via XBOX Game Pass. To put it lightly, those games are a problem & they remind me of side-scrolling games that weren't as lenient with limited continues. I do like hard game, however, I hate hard games that try too hard to be hard that makes the experience unpleasant. There's a reason why I'll never play 2D Mega Man games, because they're needlessly hard with little forgiveness. All them damn one-hit kill spikes & tough platforming. The aforementioned Cyber Shadow, for instance, I don't plan on owning, because it's stupid hard. Once I beat that game, shit's getting out of my XB1 internal drive so fast, I'll never think of it again.

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