Do you think it should be okay to say the n-word in academic settings?


  • Stephen - 3 years ago

    Black professors and students... yes.
    But non-Black folx... I don't want to hear you say or even READ that word out loud, Barbra Walters!! (flashback to that time Sherri Shepard got Barbra Walters together on The View over that)

  • AoSlim - 3 years ago

    Yes, only in HBCU academic settings with no whites around.
    But what about in non-white, non-black academic settings?

  • trojanscooter - 3 years ago

    It would be depend upon several key factors such as 1) the context in which its used, 2) the students’s understanding of the word, 3) the professor’s ability to articulate nuanced viewpoints and continue to foster good or healthy relationships with students. During grad school at a HBCU a professor asked us to play a song that spoke to us and explain why. I chose “Another Naive Individual Glorifying Greed & Encouraging Racism” by K.R.I.T. My professor was/is a black woman and all my classmates were black. As soon as they heard the song, many of them cringed. The professor really the instrumentation and message.

  • blue wave rider - 3 years ago

    I can just picture some tone deaf white professor saying "nigga" and trying to hide behind academic privilege. They don't know any black folk or actually LISTEN to us, they just want the Hood Pass.

    Was Young Pharaoh that guy who was rappin' next to Roger Stone?

  • Browniepoints (Grace Brown) - 3 years ago

    Yes but it should come with a warning at the beginning of the semester, a donation to BLM and the addition of literature by POC authors to the syllabus that does not tie into Black history month.

  • Peaches - 3 years ago

    There are too many blatant racists in education. They can say "n-word" FOHWTBS ????

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