Grade the premiere of NBC's 'Debris':

  • Ann B. Richardson - 4 months ago

    I watched it on demand and did not hear all the background ambient noise others spoke of. It sounded fine to me, and only had 3 or 4 commercials. The story was a little confusing, but it really kept my interest piqued, and I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It really made me wanna see more, and I can't wait to see episode 2 now, which I recorded on my DVR.

  • Nm - 4 months ago

    Background is louder than dialog

  • Ray - 5 months ago

    Worst sound mixing on any show I've seen. Get rid of all the ambient sound. Way overdone so you can barely understand a word they say, so the story makes no sense.

  • Mia - 5 months ago

    This show is confusing and made no sense to me until I read an online recap of the episode. I hope other episodes are not as confusing as the pilot was or I'll stop watching it

  • Gloria - 5 months ago

    Agree with previous comment about there being too many commercials; they interrupt the flow of the story. The story itself seems interesting but not compelling. I will watch second episode to see if improves.

  • Stuart Dautrich - 5 months ago

    Schools resume it seemed as though there were commercials literally every 10 minutes. It seems like the program was quite short and commercials interrupted for 5 minutes out of every 10. Made it difficult to keep the thread of the story moving for me.

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