Election 2008 (Poll Closed)

  • Obama/Biden
    347 votes

  • McCain/Palin
    528 votes

  • Bob Barr
    32 votes

  • Ralph Nader
    24 votes


Posted 11 years.


  • You are all morons - 11 years ago

    Independent Voter: "What happened to taking a patient and reasoned approach?"

    Yeah, where was the patient and reasoned approach when the US invaded Iraq over a bunch of neoconservative lies? You sad little fucking idiot.

  • Independent Voter - 11 years ago

    Regardless of how we got into Iraq, it is important we exit in a fashion that meets our obligations to the international community. To advocate failure and intentionally plan to leave a mess in Iraq as most Democrats would like to do, i.e. anything to prove George Bush was wrong, this simply should disqualify Obama from the Presidency. Alas, it would seem many of the Democrats today are hypocritical when it comes to matters of foreign policy. What happened to taking a patient and reasoned approach? Now we must rush to exit and leave a mess that will linger for a 100 years.

  • Veriander - 11 years ago

    The next ten or so years will be crucial. China is determined to be the premier power on Earth - we compete at an ever increasing rate. We need to become energy independent and the one and only way to assure that is to build nuclear power plants. Unlike Obama, McCain will unfailingly fulfill the first responsibility of President - the defense of the United States. Obama's foreign policy will be one of apology and appeasement.

  • Cortland Richmond - 11 years ago

    Palin, now, she's scary -- but we need a President who can put a brake on the Democratic Party's coming super-majority. Might not get it.

    If we had a super-majority of Republicans, by the way, I'd want a Democrat in the White House.

  • Seabee - 11 years ago

    Experience, 2nd Amendment, support of our military, Democracy over socialism

  • NASCAR ROCKS - 11 years ago

    I voted for the Republican George McCain because I'm a brainwashed uneducated redneck racist conservazombie and also because I want to bone whats-her-name.


  • mulcahey - 11 years ago

    A commitment to actually enact the domestic and foreign policy concerns that he advocates makes Nader my candidate.

    Hey, why isn't McKinney on this poll?

  • elephant - 11 years ago

    character, integrity, honesty, and McCain is okay, even if he has to be on the ticket with her

  • walter young - 11 years ago

    character, honesty

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