Grade the 'WandaVision' season finale:


  • Michael Timko - 3 years ago

    After the Visions’ thought experiment, I would have liked to seen them trade places, but we wouldn’t know that until later. Kind of a Gotcha moment.

    White Vision got all of the original visions memories unlocked, so for the thought experiment, he was now Vision. He could have switched his color scheme and gone home with Wanda.

    As the Hex passed through the house, here we would still be there. We knew the kids techno had to cease to exist, but they could have given us a slightly happy ending.

  • Jane M - 3 years ago

    It was AMAZING!!! The whole series was perfect but the episodes could be longer because sometimes it felt rushed. I think that the cameo was the Skrull. Most of the people expected a superhero but it's their fault. The series finale was *chef's kiss*

  • Mullethead - 3 years ago

    Very predictable. Knew Dr. Strange in Multiverse was coming. No surprise about Rambeau in upcoming Capt. Marvel. Was hoping to see something about X-Men connected to upcoming new shows with Marvel super hero characters. And what about Darcy ? She was exposed to different powers and force fields. Thought we might see something about her future.

  • delus1on93 - 3 years ago

    I was bummed that there was no special appearance from Dr. Strange or Magneto. But other than that series was fantastic

  • Charles D - 3 years ago

    I was hoping for a bit more of a revelation about the Multiverse. Also had my hopes up for a Dr. Strange cameo. But it was satisfying end to the series. Lots of questions... What will become of the White Vision? The boys? Will we see Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness in the future? It sounded like it. If you think about the dialogue, she's not actually villainous if she believes that the Scarlet Witch's destiny was to destroy the world.

  • Guinivere - 3 years ago

    I frkn love the ending, I'm still so sad that Paul Bettany trolled us lmaoooo????

  • Guinivere - 3 years ago

    I frkn love the ending, I'm still so sad that Paul Bettany trolled us????????

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