Grade the midseason premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy':

  • Heidi Pinkham - 2 months ago

    Crazy ending! It is bad enough to see Duluca die but the show is getting so ridiculous with the beach scenes. Also everyone is so tired of COVID but we have to turn on the tv and get more COVID. Please change the story line soon.

  • Patty Root - 2 months ago

    How could you kill off one of the best actor on the show???
    My God his poor character never knew any happiness.. Even with Meredith there was friction. So you go and kill him off before he has even lived.
    Shame on you ????

  • Josie Pacheco - 2 months ago

    This one made me cry., which not even Dr. Shepard's death did. Seeing the extraordinary efforts the doctors went through to save Dr. DeLuca's life added to the painful realization that he was leaving. Great episode, but bad move to kill off DeLuca.

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