Grade 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' (aka #SnyderCut):

  • Tuere Barkley - 1 month ago

    I like this version better, even the stephenwolf was had me on the edge of my seat and for this movie to be 4 hours, filled with action from beginning to end.

  • Gil - 1 month ago

    I liked it a lot. It's a superhero movie. Zach did a great job and look forward to his next one.

  • Bunny Brueggeman - 1 month ago

    In watching this movie, it helped me figure out the first one. Although the ending with the Joker confused me.

  • Alan A Russell - 1 month ago

    All DC films should be made this way, led by a creative force rather than a hired hand working to the dictates of a committee of talentless bean counters.

    I think Warner may have set the wheels in motion for a set of reboots, I think most people want to see these story lines progress to their natural conclusions.

    There needs to be a well thought-out over arching master plan in the DC Universe, a dedicated team, and the nerve to stay the course.

    But that would be crazy, I mean, no ones ever done anything like that before and made it work.........oh yeah.......the other lot.

  • TheRealPierre - 1 month ago

    Now this was a DC movie!!! Keep it going this way and people will be like Marhellnaaw. Please no more lil kiddy scenes for laughs like they did one the original. But I was confused about Darkside. Did he forget about seeing sign? Why was the second in command doubting steppinwolf when he said he saw the sign?
    Please someone fill me in?

  • Carlos Perez Jr. - 1 month ago

    The best,better then the first
    Seeing it again on Saturday with friends

  • Rick - 1 month ago

    Freaking awesome!!! The four hours zipped by. The dedication was quite touching. My only small complaint might have been the aspect ratio but I understand it's purpose.


  • Sri Tekumalla - 1 month ago

    Difference between Snyder cut and we-done cut.
    (1) Story (complete and back Story) - Snyder jas done it better
    (2) Direction (We-done was concentrating on Gal's ass and breast shots and rediculous jokes while Zack was interested in Story telling)
    (3) Everything looks Well done by Snyder

  • orc - 1 month ago

    I'm glad there are people who loved this movie. Your criticisms of the first one are poorly placed. From what I have read, when Whedon was brought in, he was instructed by the studio to make it 2 hours and to bring some levity. This version would lively have never been in theaters (the length would have been MUCH closer to Whedon's version meaning a LOT of what you are praising in this one would have been left out). I wasn't a fan of Whedon's version either but, comparing the two, given the restrictions placed on Whedon, is not really possible (especially since the vast majority of what was released in theaters is in this version as well). It would have been MUCH better if they could have had solo movies for the other characters to do their back stories which would have shortened this movie (meaning it could have actually been in theaters).

  • Chris Gonzalez - 1 month ago

    Amazing movie! Much better than the first! So much was cut out in the first I barely recognized some parts. Basically completely different movie to me and much better. Going to watch it again today.

  • Steve - 1 month ago

    Great movie. Didn't even think of time.

  • Frumpy Jones - 1 month ago

    It went from "meh" to "super meh". It was better than the original release, but it still didn't make it a good movie.

  • Moices Torres - 1 month ago

    A golden buzzer deserving movie ! A very well done 4 hours !

  • Mark - 1 month ago

    Absolutely brilliant and well worth doing. My complete respect to Zack
    For not only enduring a terrible loss but then to have to see his vision destroyed by Joss and almost killed the franchise after stepping away.
    Some will find something to criticize but I for one am glad it was finished this way and do hope the story line continues.

  • Howard Farmer - 1 month ago

    More details and back stories.

  • Steve Crosby - 1 month ago

    Just absolutely BRILLIANT hoping to see Justice League part II & III #restorethesnyderverse come on WB

  • Alphabet7 - 1 month ago

    I cried of joy. Beautiful

  • Shaun Stacy - 1 month ago

    I think it depends on your definition of "better." Was it an improvement over the original and had better character development? Yes. Did it still have a horrible amount of CGI and slow motion? Also yes.

  • John - 1 month ago

    The Snyder Cut Justice League Movie is Amazing. Enjoyed everything about this version. I'm hoping Warnermedia would allow Zack Snyder to continue with his version of Justice League 2 and 3.

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