Is #SnyderCut better than the original 'Justice League'?

  • orc - 1 month ago

    Whether you liked Snyder's cut or Whedon's (and I don't care for either), they can't be compared because Whedon had studio imposed limitations (had to keep it to 2 hours and add some humor). Saying you wished this version would have been released instead of Whedon's fails to take into account that the studio, more than likely, have not allowed Snyder's to be more than 3 hours (probably closer to 2 or 2.5) which means he would not have been able to put all of the backstory into the movie either. The only reason Snyder was able to do this is because Warner allowed him to do what he wants strictly for HBOMax (which, streaming gives a little more leeway in run time). You can blame Warner Bros because they really should have had solo movies for the other characters so backstories could be told there and referenced in Justice League.

  • Norman Bates - 1 month ago

    I got through it and it's a lot better than what we got previously, it's a fantastic movie.
    I heard WB brass wasn't impressed, that combined with losing Christopher Nolan doesn't really give me that much hope for a future where Disney does not become an entertainment monopoly, which would be horrific. However, it's great that they did this in the first place so there is SOME hope.
    In the meantime, this is an incredible film study about what two different directors can do with the same plot, the same characters, etc.

  • Faraz bukhari - 1 month ago


  • Sri Tekumalla - 1 month ago

    Comparing Zack Snyder cut to We-done cut is like comparing the Lord to the Devil. Zack is a Great Director and Human thats the reason he has a crazy fan following.
    Josh we-done was controlled by Marvel so his film looked decent there. But he still shitted on Marvel. He was hired by DC numbnuts (executives) then his true colors had been seen. He is a worthless director. He made Batman and Robin movie look like a masterpiece. Lol ???? ???? ???? ????. How bad is this guy to mess up all the footage we saw now (Zack cut) to make s decent film????
    Yep, as a Fan of Mr.Snyder & his work..I call him Zack.

  • Vince - 1 month ago

    Anyone who said this was worse than the theatrical release must be related to Joss Whedon! Was it long.... yes, but told a complete story and gave more background into the characters of cyborg, flash and aqua man!! And building to an opponent such as darkseid vs stepenwolf...... would’ve built anticipation for the next film

  • Gautam Singh - 1 month ago

    Zack Snyder's Justice League is a far above average movie. Better than the previous one in every sphere. But it's quite long and sometime little slow. One cant deny the fact that the story, it's coherence, synchronisation, background score (except for Wonder Woman's AAAAAA), Connection with characters is really awesome. Visual effects are really cool . Last 80 mins are intense, and superb. Nightmare sequence could have been long. INTRODUCTION of Martian Manhunter could have been better. OVERALL: Marvelous Movie

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