Will you keep watching 'Country Comfort'?


  • Paula - 2 years ago

    A mashup between
    The Nanny
    And the Partridge family
    and throw in Family Ties
    for stealing the Michael J Fox character who is the fiscally responsible child. It’s like someone took these 4 shows and threw them up in the air and without much effort burped out Country Comfort. In the midst of so many drama and murder shows being offered up
    I find Country Comfort a welcomed and refreshing, light-hearted reprieve. It has super cute characters and the music is a bonus.

  • Steve H - 2 years ago

    Loved it I also binge watched all 10 episodes in one evening and the next day. I absolutely love the adorable Chloe. Even if the accent is not real it's great ( and I'm a born and bred Southerner )

  • Kimberly Dilworth - 2 years ago

    I loved it and watched all 10 episodes in one sitting and I hope that there will be many more episodes to come.

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