Is Disney+ worth $7.99 a month?


  • Marissa L Philbin - 1 year ago

    when i first started and mind you they are only about 2 years old or less, It was $4.99 a month for service for disney plus idc how much of an increase u=its still an incease and when your counting change to scrape by it does matter and unless you live like that and dont have money to throw around you cant afford any mark ups. just stinks they get you in and hooked on it with a good price and then keep raising the prices which is what brought you in in the first place. in all reality all the old disney movies you get on there you can look up and watch free. the only thing that would make it worth it is if they made it so you didnt have to pay an extra 30 dollars for the best movies that come out. premiere access or w.e they call it..should be all included and then ill pay the 8 bucks till then ya lost me unless someone lets me use their service, i refuse to let you keep upping the prices

  • Murphy Pendelton - 2 years ago

    If you can't afford a $12-per-year increase on a streaming service then you shouldn't be buying the streaming service in the first place.

  • Becky Leer - 2 years ago

    All streaming apps are just Greedy Maggots like everyone else in the world.

  • Rigga Rob - 2 years ago

    I told my wife that this would happen. They get you in with a low price and then gradually tick it upwards. Be careful what you wish for... Everyone wanted a la cart... oh, well now they have it. And you wait, pretty soon there'll be no option to get out of the advertisements either.
    Have fun !

  • DUKES - 2 years ago

    got it for the Mandalorian didn't like
    WONDA VISION Loved now it's gone no reason tO keep it

  • Grace - 2 years ago

    I like Star Wars and Mandalorian but DONT like the way Disney treats people period

  • Byron Harris - 2 years ago

    I love my STAR WARS, my MCU and my Disney fantasy stories, so yeah my Disney+ subscription ain't going nowhere. It still a bargain at $8 month.

  • Roy Lopez - 2 years ago

    I like Disney+ but don't make my top three. I like 1. Netflix 2. Amazon Prime and 3. HBO Max. I can live nice with those three and leave the rest alone the free streaming apps are very good

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