Which anagram GRAVE you the most trouble?

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  • John Hunyady - 3 weeks ago

    Got the words easily, solved the puzzle after a few minutes! This is a good one!

  • Mary Young - 3 weeks ago

    I hate the non-word puzzles! Use real words! Pleez!

  • Dave L. - 3 weeks ago

    It didn't make much sense even when I read the answer!

  • Richard - 3 weeks ago

    My kind of Jumble today. EASY

  • Warren - 3 weeks ago

    For some yet to be established reason, I enjoyed this puzzle and solved it very quickly.

  • Stonhaus Karen - 3 weeks ago

    Words easy. Never could get answer

  • Susan - 3 weeks ago

    The words themselves were easy to solve, but it did take me a while to get the cartoon answer “atmos- fear”! :D

  • Andrea Thompson - 3 weeks ago

    Wow!!This one got me Atmos Fear,took almost all morning ok See u all tomorrow

  • Pocadot - 3 weeks ago

    I wasn't too far off...My puzzle solve was "ATMOS-FARE"

  • Adele - 3 weeks ago

    No way would I have gotten the answer to this one.

  • Leo Davitt - 3 weeks ago

    Really knocked this puzzle out today!!

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