Were you offended by Lil Nas X video?


  • Shay - 3 years ago

    some of these people mad at this man and this video need to shut the entire fuck up. Just put a whole bottle of gorilla glue to your lips and suck on it. I'm so sick and tired of these hypocritical muthafuckas talking about "oh he kissed satan in the mouth what will the children think" BITCH! you been kissing coronavirus in the mouth for a whole year freely and openly. In front of God, church and whatever innocent store clerk who happened to be on shift. You don't give a damb about the kids the old people or nobody in between. Make it make sense. Lil nas X aint tell your slackjaw, runny nose kids to sacrifice themselves for satan, but you told mammaw and pawpaw to gone ahead and die for the economy. Walking around with so much hate in your heart you're making Satan jealous and your own God don't even recognize you. I hope this man gets all the awards for this video. just to piss yall off. End. Rant.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 3 years ago

    I love the Fifth Element and I love any music video that pays homage to that afrofuturism fashion. It was a delight to the eyes. I loved and enjoyed it. I was giving props to Lil Nas X. I didn't know he had those twerk moves. What did Lizzo sing? Twerk moves on legendary. Finally, he snapped the devil's neck. Haven't Black churches and spiritual been telling us for centuries that our belief in God will give us power to defeat the devil? STAY WOKE! lol.

  • Blue Wave Rider - 3 years ago

    I agree with Karen. I like work from home and I am willing to work a hybrid schedule.

    The nicest thing about work from home is not having to deal with the folk who keep up all the bullshit in the office.

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