Grade the 'SVU' portion of the <i>Law and Order</i> crossover:

  • Wanda Wald - 5 weeks ago

    I thought both shows were good but I hope they still have Olivia and Elliott interact and not just let their shoes be separate shows. I think having the law stories are great but if they don’t include some personal life stories it won’t keep my interest m. I have watched Law and Order SVU for years. I hope Organized Crime makes it also and doesn’t get too out there where it will not seem feasible. So far great

  • Debbie - 5 weeks ago

    I've been looking forward to the Benson-Stabler reunion for 10 years. The shows were great. Sorry that Kathy died though. I think Kathy would approve of Liv and Elliot getting together. She always knew how close they were.

  • capt.chris - 5 weeks ago

    Was very much looking forward to Stabler and Benson working together again which unfortunately was not to be. The episode itself in the end is just a failed attempt to spin off another series which is horribly mired with the politically correct atmosphere of our times, particularly with Stabler's new boss standing him up with the black street talk of a gangbanger- it was embarrassing. It's equally disturbing to watch the powers that be destroy the most amazing on screen chemistry between the co stars of FBI, Maggie and O.A. ,,, with low life love interests and new cast members which advertise diversity just for diversity's sake, future plot /soap opera twists and or ethnicity. Is someone else running the show these days? Dear Mr. Wolf, please, please, please never white wash Chicago PD, the pinnacle of all your work!

  • Diann - 5 weeks ago

    I loved the show I hope they get together that sorted what it looks like

  • Redrage502 - 5 weeks ago

    I was immediately turned off and FURIOUS at the whole ‘blanket blame’ on ALL conservatives.
    “The last four years...” “Jan 6” “accusation of rigged election”.
    I’ve read Chris Meloni’s personal nasty comments. Luckily, having lived in Rome for years Elliot had no rant to spew.
    The SVU team took care of all that for him!
    But it’s television, production in NYC, Hollywood network.
    Who expected anything else?
    Other than that I was glad to see Elliot back.
    I was sad, but not surprised, to see Kathy’s death.
    I think it’s too soon for Elliot and Olivia to start breathing heavy around each other and giving us the idea that they will soon consummate what they danced around for years.I mean SOON!
    He was too Catholic to be unfaithful to his wife, but jumping into bed before his boxes are shipped back from Italy is OK.
    It was what I expected but I hoped for better.

  • Jennifer - 5 weeks ago

    Loved both shoes , loved reunited benson and stabler , was sad after kathy died , benson was there for stabler .

  • Jim - 5 weeks ago

    Way too overtly political. NBC should not be pushing an agenda. Especially one based in lies. But hardly can I say I'm surprised.

  • Lola - 5 weeks ago

    I thought it was pretty good. But I noticed (well it’s how needs to play) that still his presence it’s stronger than Liv’s. So I agree when in a past episode she told Amaro “you allowed me to grow” or something to the effect.
    On OC it could be amazing. They have great actors. It’s all on the writer’s shoulders. Hope they take advantage of real life stories n give us great drama/suspense.

  • Mary West - 5 weeks ago

    Glad that Stabler is back

  • Dori - 5 weeks ago

    It was amazing show and i love when liv and Elliot saw each other face to face that gave me goosebumps. Its awesome show. Keep it going. Thank you all

  • Doreen - 5 weeks ago

    Hmmmm is ANYONE really surprised they killed Kathy off ???????

    Nooooooooooooo !!!

    Luv has grown WAY MORE then Stabler EVER will !!! She has had quality men courting her . I hope she doesn’t slum it and get with Stabler !!!

    Boring expected and just plain wrong. She is WAY out of his league .

  • Scott D - 5 weeks ago

    Sad to see Kathy die, but I was happy to not only see Stabler back, but also see his family as well. I have to say, they all haven't changed much since his departure.

    Anyways, I'm interested in this new "Organized Crime" show. I'm interested to see what direction it goes in.

    Eventually, I'm hoping that Elliot and Olivia reconcile and finally get on better terms, as well as get their closure.

    More importantly, I hope they find Kathy's killer. If Dick Wolf can hear me, "This is one case that CANNOT go UNSOLVED!"

  • Beth H - 5 weeks ago

    Tears, joy, and interesting plot lines. It fulfilled all my hopes. Plus the organized crime show was excellent. Love the characters and the freewheeling atmosphere (and the inclusion of Benson. Dylan M. plays an interesting “Big Bad,” although I hope at least half of the stories are stand alone.

  • Janis - 5 weeks ago


  • Linda - 5 weeks ago

    I am so happy to see Stabler back!

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