Should Dr. Oz be named the permanent 'Jeopardy' host?

  • Alan Wilson - 6 weeks ago

    The only one I needed to watch was Ken. He was as great as I knew he would be!

  • Linda Henry - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richard's, Dr. Oz, Ken Jennings, A. Rogers - in that order. Anxious to see the rest, but any of those 4 would be fine replacements for Alex - he would be pleased.

  • Heidi I Ferguson - 6 weeks ago

    Had a bad taste in my mouth when Dr. Oz was announced. Tried to give him a chance but I wasn't impressed. I find Ken Jennings too cocky, although he wasn't as bad as I expected. Mike Richards did a good job but not sure if he's the best fit permanently and, I understand, he doesn't want it. Katie Couric did well... nice change, but too conversational. We didn't get through as many questions. Let's keep looking.

  • Marilyn Allen - 6 weeks ago

    KEN JENNINGS is the best by far. Dr. OZ has his own show already, Mike Richards doesn't want to be in front of the cameras, even though he did a good job. Katie Couric was too slow after the contestants answered, with a long pause and made viewers think the answer was wrong like she has to be prompted to say 'correct'. BRING KEN BACK!!!!!!

  • Bev - 6 weeks ago

    I thought Oz was great very sharp. Could not stand Couric and we don’t need a lib out there promoting their agenda. We never knew Trebek’spolitical persuasion and that is what we need. Every show has been so political , of course, ABCis still promoting BLM, which is just a fascist group trying to ruin our country, nothing to do with Black lives. Get someone with no political agenda so I can continue watching please. I thought the producer was good also. Ken Jennings, of course, has let his politics be well known.

  • Peggy Beyer - 6 weeks ago

    I think Mike Richards did a fantastic job. Ken was ok, but lacked the personality and chrisma of Mike. Let's see the other candidates

  • Peggy montrose - 6 weeks ago

    I can't stand oz or curic, she talks like a communist,
    , talking about reprogramming peoples minds in an interview. I havent watched jeopardy since curic started. I don't know what the last two will be like but I'll let you know !!

  • Nyla - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richard was the best, second is Katie c.

    Others are boring.

  • Trina Landry - 6 weeks ago

    So far Dr Oz has been the best. He has stage presence and whit Both impeccable traits. He is comfortable on stage and connects with the contestants. I love him. He seems to be the most like Alex... very smart and does the different language accents. Not as good as Alex but tolerable and for sure would likely improve over time. None of the other hosts had the IT factor and were very rote no personality and just said things like. CORRECT. THATS RIGHT. NO. with no other commentary. Personality-less. . But no personality or whit. As a comparison to a reporter I found them to be reading rather than reporting in their own style. I also have an affection for Ken Jennings because of his history on the show. He was better than the others. Second to Dr Oz

  • Richard D Peck - 6 weeks ago

    I really liked Ken Jennings. He was respectful toward Alex, quick witted like Alex, soft admiration toward all contestants similar to Alex, and extremely knowledgeable and brilliant like Alex. Who’s left. None compares to Alex except Ken. He is my only pick. Perfect replacement for Alex

  • S lawrence - 6 weeks ago

    So far Mike Richards and Ken Jennings have been the best. They were both professional, intelligent ,focused ,and same style and statue as Alex.

  • Carol Faircloth - 6 weeks ago

    I would like to see Ken Jennings be the permanent host. Other than being highly intelligent I like his sense of humor and one in one with the contestants. Last but not least his personal touch about Alex at the end of the show.
    Dr Oz was awful, the others just didn’t seem to fit the part.

  • Mary Wilson - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richards is my top choice followed by Dr. Oz. Ken Jennings would be last choice...have never cared for his personality or the sound of his voice.

  • Susan - 6 weeks ago

    Ken Jennings, hands down!

  • Janet ives - 6 weeks ago

    I am eager to see Makim and how she does. She is smart and has a good voice. I don't know how to spell her name, sorry. I like Ken Jennings. Oz did a good job, but I’d prefer someone else. Katie was too slow and measured. The producer was ok.

  • M Patzmann - 1 month ago

    Mike Richards was the worst. Although I am not a Katie Couric fan, she surprised me. I am 78 years old and have been watching longer than most of you. At this point, you should pick Ken Jennings, but am hoping there will be some better choices in the future weeks.

  • Gwin - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz was great and looked better than I had ever seen him. ????

    Katie Couric was Also good. Second choice.

  • Steve - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings, Katie Couric and Mike Richards.
    Dr. Who? ????

  • Texas Ron - 1 month ago

    I liked both Ken Jennings and Mike Richards. Oz was good, but Couric was bad. Need to have non political host.

  • Shirley - 1 month ago

    I love Dr. Oz. But he has a big job the way it is. His show and surgeries.
    I will only watch if Ken Jennings gets the job.
    This should not be political..

  • Goofy Nanna - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is our Family's Favorite

  • Ramona Rice - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is by far the best choice!

  • Linda Huber - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is my favorite so far and I don’t see
    Anyone on the list that would be better than him!

  • Sandy - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings - he really put Jeopardy “on the map” with his historic run and he won against other great champions. Jeopardy is really about the contestants knowledge not the personality of the person asking the questions!

  • phil Smith - 1 month ago

    Did NOT watch any of Oz

  • Lena Wheeler - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings should be full time host. He’s our very best!

  • Blair - 1 month ago

    Dr Oz is the best host so far. Ken Jennings too boring and scared looking. Couric is a big no. The producer was very good maybe even better then Oz

  • Alan Wilson - 1 month ago

    The only hos

  • Norms - 1 month ago

    I think Pete Carroll..Seahawk coach should be guest host
    He looks a lot like Alex

  • Wendy Plattner - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings was the best. He was relaxed and would be a great permanent host. Dr. Oz was my second choice , Katie tried way to hard and made us uncomfortable watching our nightly show.

  • Sue - 1 month ago

    I found Mike Richards to be loud, patronizing much like a slick phony salesman and just trying too hard.
    Katie Couric reminded me of an elementary school teacher-not Jeopardy material.
    Not a fan of Oz because of his tendency to tout questionable and unresearched products. Though not bad as a host, I don't trust him because of those aforementioned tendencies.
    Though I didn't care for him as a contestant, so far, Ken Jennings has been the best host. He appears to be relaxed, speaks softly so as not to make a spectacle of himself and he's a pretty smart guy. #1 to date
    I'd like to see the others before I decide. Actually, I'd like to see a longer list with more women.

  • Tom White - 1 month ago

    I found Dr. Oz annoying. Doesn’t have a good voice for the work. Katie Couric did a decent job and after a tentative start I warmed up to her. Ken Jennings has been far best, knows his stuff, comes across as kind and caring, good voice. Can’t believe anyone else will surpass him!

  • Dorene Cook - 1 month ago

    In my opinion my choices so far would be:
    Mike Richards
    Ken Jennings
    Katie Couric
    Dr. Oz
    I really didn't like Katie (too fake), Dr. Oz(thinks he is all that). Not looking forward to Aaron Rodgers but I will give him a chance just like the rest.
    Nobody can ever replace Alex!????????????

  • Andrew Gale - 1 month ago

    Doctor Oz was the best so far K.Jennings has no character Katie curic was ok the producer was passable I think Pat sanjak should get the job with his sense of humor!!

  • Tierney Knox - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz did great and should host Jeopardy over the others, to date. He has that "personality" voice too. I liked him best so far!

  • Tierney Knox - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz did great and should host Jeopardy over the others, to date. He has that "personality" voice too. I liked I'm best so far!

  • Jeff Reavis - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz did an extremely good job hosting Jeopardy. He's smart and obviously comfortable in front of a camera, despite all the controversy over some of his opinions. I believe his intend is to offer options, and let an intelligent audience make its own decisions on hot topics. Plus I was swayed by the fact that Alex Tribeck and Dr. Oz were friends, which I think makes quite a statement. I would enjoy Jeopardy if permanent host.

  • Judy S - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings earned the spot! Look at all the comments! You could feel his connection not only being the host of the show but to Alex and the Jeopardy Family as well!

  • Debra - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings we all know, love and admire; however, based SOLELY on performance, Dr Oz, a newcomer to the Jeopardy scene, did an amazing job! His poise and delivery, without a hint of superiority, reminded me most of Alex Trebek, of those seen so far.

  • MilleFeuille - 1 month ago

    So far, all of these fill-in hosts have been good:
    Jennings- folksy good
    Exec. Producer-game show host good
    Couric-girly good
    Oz-efficient good
    If Anderson Cooper is still one of the planned future try-outs, it will be fun. He himself admits that he's not intellectual or sophisticated, despite his family pedigree.

  • Marybeth Schwerdt - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings for permanent Jeopardy Host. He earned his way on to the scene, the others are tv personalities that couldn’t answer those questions on a bet. Give it to the man who earned the spot.

  • Maureen - 1 month ago

    KenJennings is the obvious choice. Not only was he good at hosting but Alec himself wanted him. Go Ken!!!

  • Barbara Brooks - 1 month ago

    Mike Richards was the most professional & I loved him. He's my 1st choice. Ken Jennings is my 2nd choice. If anyone else gets it I won't be watching the show anymore. Yay for Mike Richards!!!

  • Margaret Friend - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings

    Is the host for jeopardy

  • Pat - 1 month ago

    The spectators relate to Ken, he’s one of us. Ken Jennings is our host.

  • Wendell StJohn - 1 month ago

    I have found all of the guest moderators very competent. They all reflect that they host the show, but the real stars are the contestants. I would be equally happy if a permanent moderator were selected or if the show continued with guest moderators. The one thing to remember: who the real stars of the show are!

  • Lesley - 1 month ago

    It absolutely should be Ken Jennings.

  • Claire - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings should be the next host of Jeopardy. He has such a long connection with the game and Alex Trebek. It is only natural that he should carry the torch.

  • Carole nolan - 1 month ago

    Jennings should be host ..he did a great job.. Thank you...we watch the show every night.

  • Jenn - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz and Katie Couric were not Jeopardy host material.
    Ken Jennings and Mike Richards were very good as Jeopardy hosts.
    I feel that given some time, Ken Jennings could do the job very well.

  • Gigi - 1 month ago

    I’ve loved Jeopardy since I was a child with Art Fleming and have been a faithful follower. I hate that it has become political. Alex was the most sincere “game show” host and canNOT be replaced so stop trying! Focus on who can do the best job for the show and leave their political views at the door. Ken is definitely the front runner to host, unfortunately he already has a gig on another show. I liked Mike Richards, but I think he’s got a few irons in the fire already and may be stretching it too thin—he would be good. Coric and Oz ????????????????

  • Kay Fearnow - 1 month ago

    Mike Richards is by far the best person to become the new Jeopardy host. HE WAS GREAT!!!!!!

  • Bonnie M - 1 month ago

    All of them were good guest hosts In general but Ken had enthusiasm, knowledge of how the show works, and reminded me of Alex the most. The others are famous in their own rights and are either on other shows or have their own shows. I would 100% watch if Ken hosted. Jeopardy would not be a regularly watched show for me if any of the others were the host.

  • Charles - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is the best person for the hosting position!! He has a better understand of what the show is all about.

  • Pol Pot - 1 month ago

    Hosts have shown quality in a declining order

    We started with proponents of the show legendary on their own right and only two months in we have charlatans hijacking the lecturn to pedal products, leech attention, and launder money into their private charities. Mr. Oz was an espically low blow to Trebek's legacy. I refuse to allow the distinction of "doctor" because he cares for the hippocratic oath as much as he does for children in our public school system.

    Couric wasn't much better - the second she started to plug her podcast was the second I turned off my screen and ventured off on a journey to find my lost patience.

    I am not thilled with the current roster to say the least, but if they wish to capture lighting in the bottle as they did with Alex then they should reexamine how he came to be.

    Up until he took that seminal first step on stage, Alex was just someone who worked production - someone you maybe have only recognized for his few substitute roles in the past. He wasn't a football player, media mogul, a snake oil salesman, or any other kind of celebrity of waning fame desperate for another fix of relevance. He was just Alex. It was through his own charm and hard work that he and the site became one; a monument to the curious spirit of mankind and testament of the American dream.

    The position of permanent host will need to be one of commitment and distinction. They will not only need to BE Jeopardy, but also have a slate clean enough to fit such a title and the character worthy of it.

    Ken is the closest we have so far.

  • C Kreis - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings has the best personality for Jeopardy. He understands the show and is fun to watch.

  • Marilyn DeLong - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz did a much better job than I expected. He has his own show though. Love Katie in real life, to cheery for hosting job. Didn’t care for Mike, could tell he is a behind the scenes guy. Ken might be a newbie, but he is my choice. Rogers isn’t real nice, just ask his family. Won’t watch his stint.

  • Ken - 1 month ago

    I love Katie Couric

  • Mary Ann - 1 month ago

    Dr. OZ was better than Couric. Did not watch her, because of her nasty comments on Republicans.

  • Jan - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is the only one thus far to live up to Alex's genuinely friendly, modest style that always places the contestants as the stars of the show. Mike Richards came across as a loud, smooth talking snake oil salesman that drew the attention to himself. He may be a genuinely nice guy, but he came across as anything but genuine. Couric and Oz did fine presenting the material, but neither have pleasant voices or demeanors to listen to. Only Ken Jennings hits all the right notes, especially the genuine joy that you can see in his eyes and hear in his voice.

  • Betty - 1 month ago

    Better than Couric

  • Cindy - 1 month ago

    My least favorite ???? is Katie Couric. I didn’t watch after her first appearance. Resume watching with Dr Oz. I think I’d rank:
    Mike Richards
    Ken Jennings
    Dr. Oz
    Katie Couric I wouldn’t even rank. People may like her but she’s too perky and acts surprised when the contestants were correct, almost sounded condescending

  • Jeri - 1 month ago

    Bring mike Richards back!!!! He was great. He has the personality along with rapport with the contestants. He was the best

  • Marjorie - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings should be the host. He's excellent and very personable! Bring him back and forget everyone else.

  • Carla Graham - 1 month ago

    I think Dr.Oz did an excellent job on Jeopardy. When I'm watching the show, I dont think about his opinions otherwise. I'm just watching and enjoying the show. I don't think about the contestants opinions on things otherwise, either. Boy, that would really ruin the show. And I think people being so petty about Trebeck's replacement risk ruining the show. Another example of the saintly vocal minority deciding for everyone else.

  • Gary Gilliam - 1 month ago

    I don't care what products he pushed before his host duties. I thought he did an excellent job of
    handling the contestants, introducing the topics & questions and moving the show st a faster pace, which I think the show needed.

  • Sue - 1 month ago

    Love Doctor Oz !!
    Professional and comfortable as the shows host!
    Permanent for me

  • Bill - 1 month ago

    I vote for Mike or Ken! Either one would be a good choice.

  • Fran - 1 month ago

    YES to Ken Jennings and second is Mike Richards
    NO to Katie Couric and Dr Oz
    The rest of the guest hosts should be eliminated before they even begin.

  • Joseph Gentilini - 1 month ago

    If Dr Oz is picked as the permanent host in I will no longer watch the show.

  • Michael P. - 1 month ago

    The anti-Oz comments are based on politics and personal dislike. When it comes to his actual hosting he did quite well. I disagree with much of his medical stances, but an unbiased viewer would have to acknowledge he looked comfortable, professional, and engaging.

    As for permanent host, I like having someone who knows what it is like to be there, so I vote Jennings on 1 condition. As much as I worship trebek, Ken has to stop saying 'and thank you Alex' every single show. It is a bit much to make that permanent. And Richards' lengthy repetitive diatribe was even worse.

  • Davila Papst - 1 month ago

    Loved Oz
    No Couric
    No Jennings. Boring

  • K.Rant - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz has a history of touting unproven cures. He should be disbarred. None of the front line workers watched him or Couric. Why are you ruining Alex's legacy with these kooks?! Both shouldn't even be on TV. No wonder Jeopardy's ratings are down. Get your act together Jeopardy, for the sake of Alex! Ken or your producer will be the final choices. Forget all the others in your line up!

  • Patricia williams - 1 month ago

    Ken jennings

  • Barbara W. - 1 month ago

    Yes to Mike Richard's. Definitely NO to KenJen. Lacking in personality, is too involved in other shows, and seems "full of himself." Won't watch if Jennings is selected.

  • Jeannie Jarigese - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings did a wonderful job, but so did Mike Richards. Both had been watching Alex Trebek for years and knew how things should go. Katie Couric just talked down to the contestants and it was like what do you mean you don’t know that answer. Dr. Oz Has been much better than I thought he would be. I didn’t say I wanted him full-time, but he has been much better than I had thought. I could deal with him if I had to, but I do not want Katie Couric.

  • Paul Viola - 1 month ago

    Oz is a snake oil sales shuckster, a total rat. And he's not fun to watch, in fact he's disturbing. EWWWW! Get him off there. He doesn't need it either, he's already raked in all the big bucks he needs. Don't inflict him on us.

  • Donna Kirby - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is the one that should be hosting Jeopardy. My husband and I have watched Jeopardy together many years. We have not watched any of Jeopardy sinced Dr. Oz has been host. We loved Alex he was a great host for Jeopardy. I think he would like Ken Jennings to be the host and what I have read on reviews everybody else would like Kim Jennings also.

  • Tracey - 1 month ago

    I dont follow Dr. Oz, not do I agree with his science or politics...I really didn't want to like him. Other than his odd movie gangster-like accent he was actually an easy to watch/listen to, congenial and engaging host.

  • Doris Ocker - 1 month ago

    I'm waiting for Bill Whitaker.

  • John t - 1 month ago

    Oz is a Trump lackey and promotes only himself. While health care providers have sacrificed themselves, Oz has done nothing to help people suffering from the pandemic. He is not deserving of Alex’s place. Get Ken back.

  • Karleen - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings has been the best host and should be the permanent host

  • Barb - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is the obvious choice. Please avoid celebrities that are known for a political bias and don’t have any history with the show. Ken is THE Jeopardy celebrity and has immense credibility. Please keep it in the family. We love him.

  • Loretta - 1 month ago

    Mike was definitely the best! He has such a pleasant style and voice. He was so respectful of the contestants and not at all pompous.

  • Sandra - 1 month ago

    Ken is best by a long shot!

  • Patricia Warren - 1 month ago

    Definitely Mike. I thought he was phenomenal. He has a huge personality but is taking the position to heart.

  • Eleanor Rogers - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings is by far the best.

  • Suzanne C. Crosby - 1 month ago

    Dr. Oz is the worst. Why did you even consider him?
    Ken Jennings should be the next permanente host.

  • Val Houk - 1 month ago

    Katie Couric was HORRIBLE!
    Ken Jennings was GREAT!!

  • Brenda Greenfield - 1 month ago

    Ken is the best!!!!!

  • Anna. Anthony - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings should be host

  • RevDon Owen - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings seems to be the obvious candidate to host Jeopardy! Alex would choose Ken! Ken seems to have the Spirit of the game! If he is willing, the sooner you get him back the better for everyone! Thank you for considering him!

  • Ellen - 1 month ago

    Hands down Mike Richards was the best. I do like Ken Jennings however considering Mike Richards position. Katie Couric did well and Dr Oz did ok. I’m not sure why Dr Oz has gotten so much criticism. I so know it was due to his own show but we’re not talking about that and a should judge him on his performance on jeopardy. Like I said, just ok and nothing special. Ken Jennings would be my pick. Only because Richards is the producer. Jennings is very popular and knows the game well.

  • Peggy Burns - 1 month ago

    Ken Is hands down, the best. I bet Alex would agree.

  • Patricia Gordon - 1 month ago

    Ken was the best

  • Lance - 1 month ago

    Definitely Ken with Mike in second. Dr Oz wasn't too bad regardless of whatever jeopardy fans are crying about but he just didn't seem like he can carry a game show. Katie is just terrible imo

  • sarah maschek - 1 month ago

    Ken Jennings should be the permanent host.

  • Cindy Myers - 1 month ago

    I cast a strong vote for Ken. He carries the knowledge and respect of Alex. The rest off the newbies are knocking down the integrity of the show that Jeopardy and Alex worked so hard to create! Go, Ken!

  • Mom Y - 1 month ago

    Ken does ok but just doesn’t have the stage presence needed for success.

  • Mom Y - 1 month ago

    Dr Oz has done a good job, much more at ease that K Couric. He didn’t need notes as Katie did. He is much more empathetic towards the players.

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