Who would you choose as full-time 'Jeopardy' host?

  • Mary Moran - 5 weeks ago

    Aaron Rodgers is good. Has personality. He will learn to be more smooth as time goes on. He has a lot of charisma.

  • D - 5 weeks ago

    I’ve been watch all the hosts since Alex died.

    I liked Dr Oz the most I liked how he had a good personality some humour. I did not like Ken Jennings at all he read the questions too fast I couldn’t stand his voice he made me feel like he was a show off.

    In order from Favorite guest host to least favourite
    1 Dr Oz
    2 Mike Richards
    3 Katie
    4 Aaron Rodgers
    5 Ken

  • Jerry - 6 weeks ago

    Definitely NOT Katie Couric. I can't stand the sound of her voice.

  • Jim Smith - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richards was the most polished, maybe too much, with a great deal of experience.
    Ken Jennings did a respectical job.
    Katy Couric was more like she was reading the news.
    Dr. Oz is like a snake oil salesman, a little phony and full of... Shouldn't even be allowed in the audience.
    Will wait for the next offerings.

  • Elizabeth June Betz - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richards was the most enjoyable to watch and the only one I watched for the full two weeks. I would love to see James H....., champion a few times on Jeopardy from Las Vegas. He is personable, smart, and fun.

  • Lance Mellon - 6 weeks ago

    Dr Oz was great. WTF? But really they were all good. Leaning on Curic a close second.

  • Sharon Rybak - 6 weeks ago

    Why does everyone feel that Alex was the 6th coming of Christ... He was a bore early on, why not give these people a chance. . I didn't see OZ, but I do know that he is a brilliant mind. Ime not sticking for him, but give others a break.... the next brain would be Anderson...

  • Peg - 6 weeks ago

    To date, Mike Richards has my vote. He's WAY ahead of the pack, but I'll reserve my vote until I see all of the contenders.

  • Betsi Romach - 6 weeks ago

    As I've said all along, there NEVER should have been ANY guest hosts. It is disrespectful to ALEX TREBEK's memory. When Ken Jennings was Host, all seemed right with the world ......PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop with this nonsensical act you are doing.....you are NOT GAINING any audience members, quite the opposite .......as for me, I am one of those people. We will not turn on JEOPARDY in our house til u wise up and put KEN JENNINGS as HOST definitely. Stop this charade of 'guest hosts'....it's a disgrace and mockery of a well established show. We need CONTINUITY in these devastating times.

  • Jose escriba - 6 weeks ago

    Don't understand how people can't hear how well he speaks, very experienced, pleasant & very authorative in control absolutely, & he reads & does the show excellent. I love ken jennings as well, but Oz has a certain distinct voice made for TV programming ????

  • R Spazy - 6 weeks ago

    How about an smart, unknown person from Canada!! ????

  • Art Vandelay - 6 weeks ago

    I’ve said from the very beginning that Brad Rutter should be the leading candidate for permanent replacement. He’s cut from same cloth as Jennings (and Holzhauer), except that he’s a more natural speaker. He’s the best chance to replicate the Trebek-level diction and wit while keeping the job within the Jeopardy family.

    Oz was a blasphemous choice in the first place, and he’s handled the job much worse than I could’ve expected. His tenure cannot end soon enough. I preferred Couric to Richards, but thought both were OK-not-great; I’m a little surprised that Couric has been so unpopular. Aaron Rodgers is not really feasible as a long-term solution but I’m interested to see how he does as a guest host.

  • Sally Nace - 6 weeks ago

    I think they all did a great job but Ken Jennings would be my choice for the full time host. Alex Trebeck is going hard to replace.

  • Jennifer Lynch - 6 weeks ago

    I think that Ken Jennings runs rings around the other hosts so far, and looking at the ones to come,
    Anderson Cooper is the only other who could follow in Alex Trebek’s shoes. But there will never be another Alex????.

  • Mary Anne Zaccanelli - 6 weeks ago

    I thought dr Oz did a good job after a couple of times. Katie, although I love her, made me want to ????! I wouldn’t watch anymore if she gets picked! Richards was great, Jennings was good. I’ve watched since the first day it debuted, never missed a show in all these years , even
    Recorded some of them. ALEX WAS THE GREATEST!

  • Fran - 6 weeks ago

    Ken earned the position, adding new viewers to the show with his spectacular display of knowledge. Viewers who would not have turned Jeopardy on but for all the chatter created around this walking, talking encyclopedia. That was followed by numerous contests between he & his high earning competitors, bringing notice once again to jeopardy in a positive manner. He & Alex raised the show to a top tier, working together. No one else has the history to do the position honor.

  • Tierney Knox - 6 weeks ago

    Dr. Oz did great and should host Jeopardy over the others, to date. He has that "personality" voice too. I liked him best so far!

  • mcscheck - 6 weeks ago

    Oz was terrible at first but improved over time, although is still lacking in host appeal... Absolutely not Catie Couric... I stopped watching when she started hosting and didn't go back to watching until she was gone and I'll do the same again if she is hosting again... Don't understand why jeopardy would choose a rag caliber "journalist" as a host... Ken Jennings is most definitely the way to go without a doubt. But I'll see who they are gonna put up to podium from here on and see how they do.

  • Gus Trapp - 6 weeks ago

    Any one except.Ken Jennings.

  • Gretchen Gehring - 6 weeks ago

    Please remember Mike Richards is executive producer. Meaning, he's the one who thought Dr. Oz was a good idea.

  • Pat Druce - 6 weeks ago

    I’m impressed how Ken Jennings has grown into the host position of Jeopardy from being a contestant. His experience as a contestant has given him a respect and connection with the contestants that the guest hosts didn’t have. Besides, he has that same nice guy appeal that Alex had.
    My vote is for Ken.

  • Cynthia Chalker - 6 weeks ago

    Will not watch if Ken Jennings is permanent replacement. He let his ego and arrogance get in the way. Richards was closet to Alex in that he let the show be the focus, not himself.

  • Charlotte - 6 weeks ago

    My favorite host is Mike Richards. The others were not as good as he was. Ken Jennings gives the impression he knows all the answers even if he doesn’t realize it. Katy Couric I like, but not for a game show. Dr. Oz seemed forced and fake as some of his medical advice and opinions.
    I am open to checking other hosts and giving them a chance.

  • Carolyn Jackson - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richards brings a lot of knowledge, Very presentable and a nice voice for the show!!! He would bring a nice fresh start! I have love the show for more years than I can count!!

  • Linda Lambrecht - 6 weeks ago

    So far I like Katie. I don't understand why everyone hates Dr Oz. He was very good. He seems nice.

  • Violet Baynes - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richards. A lovely, classy person who honors the show and Alex by letting Jeopardy itself, and the contestants, be the star of the show. I didn’t think anyone could do it after Alex, but I think Mike could grow old with the show too. His focus on kindness is something that the world needs more of, and it really sets him apart from the others. I thought his interaction with a contestant who had a son with cerebral palsy was really telling, and I now want no other host. Their short exchange about inclusion was very telling about the high quality person Mike Richards is. I think Alex would have seen his friend and coworker on the show, and said... yes... this is it! Mike clearly loved and admired Alex so much, and loves the show Jeopardy inside and out. He knows it from all directions as a producer. Ken did very well, but Mike was absolutely perfect. Agreed with all the people who say no to Couric/Cooper/Oz. They make it about themselves and Jeopardy doesn’t need divisive agendas. It doesn’t need celebrities. They damage the dignity of Jeopardy. Mike Richards continues the legacy of dignity that Alex left behind.

  • Larry Wilson - 6 weeks ago

    Answer: Then just keep on dancing
    Question: Who would Peggy Lee prefer so far?
    I would like to see tryouts by Young Sheldon and Steve Harvey. Give us better candidates please!

  • Carolyn 'Pat' Parrish - 6 weeks ago

    While Richards was my first choice, Jennings would be my second., Despite the negative comments on Couric
    I thought she did an admirable job. I do agree with those who feel someone with a 'political background' would
    be a mistake.

  • Marlene Hutchesom - 6 weeks ago

    Levar Burton

  • Dan York - 6 weeks ago

    Grating voice. Only posirive: not as bad as Katiw.

  • Linda Back - 6 weeks ago

    We are comparing apples to oranges. My vote is for Ken Jennings because he is a raw celebrity. All the others have performed in front of audiences for years. Jennings was a little nerves the first week and after that each week he was less nervous. Please keep in mind that Alex Trebek was a humble person, he was smart and had a lot of knowledge but he never tried to show a contestant up showing he knew more. Besides Richards these big named people I personally could do without. Now excited for Aaron Roger, he should be on the same level as Jennings. Even though he's a known name he won't have years of being in front of an audience talking. I think Ken Jennings would make Alex Trebek so proud with being his biggest money winner.

  • Martha - 6 weeks ago

    Anyone please EXCEPT for Katie!!!

  • Tom Keith - 6 weeks ago

    If it was up to me I'd go with Mike Richards. He has all the positives you want as host of Jeopardy, charm, professionalism and clarity. But most of all he allowed the SHOW itself to continue to be the star. That's the one thing Alex never wavered from.

  • Tom Keith - 6 weeks ago

    If it was up to me I'd go with Mike Richards. He has all the positives you want as host of Jeopardy, charm, professionalism and clarity. But most of all he allowed the SHOW itself to continue to be the star. That's the one thing Alex never weaved from.

  • Edythe Rose - 6 weeks ago

    Ken Jenning's voice is like finger nails on a blackboard. Mike Richard's seems to be the most appealing and closest to Trebeck's. Oz is definitely not an option He is a huckster, dishonest and unworthy of taking on Trebeck's legacy.

  • Rekha Shah - 6 weeks ago

    I like mike richard he has host quality that Alex has. He has good personality.

  • C bowers - 6 weeks ago

    I like Ken Jennings so ar! Why isn't Brad Rutter guest hosting? I think he would be great!

  • Dee Bennett - 6 weeks ago

    The only choice is Ken Jennings.

  • A.Harris - 6 weeks ago

    Ken Jennings was the only one who had the charisma to keep viewers engaged and interested. All others were awkward and flat.

  • Mary - 6 weeks ago

    Keep Politics out of Jeopardy. I think Ken Jennings should be the permanent host. Couric, Anderson, and Oz are all too political and that would ruin Jeopardy.

  • Forest - 6 weeks ago

    I still think Ken Jennings should be the full-time Jeopardy! host. He still has the friendliest personality out of all the other guest hosts and makes the contestants feel like they're stars of the show.

  • Jan Carpenter - 6 weeks ago

    I thought Dr Oz did a great job and he was certainly much less painful to watch than Katie Couric.

  • Laura C. - 6 weeks ago

    I like Ken Jennings & Mike Richards. No on all the others. I think Ken & Mike had a special friendship with Alex & they both did a fine job as host. Anyone else is like dragging the process out & wasting time.

  • Mary Anne Donovan - 6 weeks ago

    I really do wish you would name someone already! All these different hosts with their different personalities only cause confusion and dissent! You certainly have a lot of Liberals on that list and not anyone I would choose to watch every night! Alex never let it be known his political views! Choose wisely, your audience will depend on it!

  • John Vandello - 6 weeks ago

    Definitely Mike Richards! Ken Jennings would be my second choice. Mike Richards has a clear voice that you can easily understand and is very personable, and very likeable. Ken Jennings is alright but I think he's a little cocky. Katie Couric wasn't too bad, but she already said she doesn't want to do it and Dr. Oz is downright terrible, hard to understand and delayed on responding. Looking forward to the next few hosts, but the previous hosts will be hard to beat.

  • Jan - 6 weeks ago

    Ken Jennings is the only one thus far to live up to Alex's genuinely friendly, modest style that always places the contestants as the stars of the show. Mike Richards came across as a loud, smooth talking snake oil salesman that drew the attention to himself. He may be a genuinely nice guy, but he came across as anything but genuine. Couric and Oz did fine presenting the material, but neither have pleasant voices or demeanors to listen to. Only Ken Jennings hits all the right notes, especially the genuine joy that you can see in his eyes and hear in his voice.

  • Jeri - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richards was the best!!! Loved his personality, his rapport with contestants. A natural. A true replacement for the living Alex Trebeck. He is the one and only as the next jeopardy host

  • Tvela - 6 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed Mike Richards...I don't like having all of these guest hosts every week...they need to decide.

  • Elaine Carosella - 6 weeks ago

    NO NO to Ken Jennings. Absolutely no personality and his cocky

  • cindy wolf - 6 weeks ago

    a BIG NO to Ken Jennings! Yuck....

  • Janis feeney - 6 weeks ago

    NO to Dr oz
    No to Katie Couric
    Big NO to Ken Jennings
    Yes to Mike Richards

  • mj - 6 weeks ago

    Hell NO TO: Dr Oz & Katie Couric

    YES TO Ken Jennings

  • Myra Alliston - 6 weeks ago

    Ken jennings 1
    Katie couric 2
    Only those so far have been impressive.
    Oz Awful awful
    My husband and i have watched jeopardy for 35 years. No one can replace Alex. But so far, ken or katie will find their niches and make it great again.
    Myra F.Alliston
    Clarkston, Mi

  • Donna Kirby - 6 weeks ago

    My husband and I have watched Jeopardy together for many years. We have watched all the guest host but we have not watched Doctor Oz since he has been the guest almost for 2 weeks. We loved watching Alex he was so good and will never be able to be replaced. I think he would love to have Ken Jennings as the guest host on his use to be show. All of the reviews that I have read most everybody would like to have Ken Jennings as the permanent host. GO KEN JENNINGS!!!!

  • Diana drake - 6 weeks ago

    James has my vote

  • Mildred Styles - 6 weeks ago

    There 5 of us here we allvote for Ken Jennings . These others are ????

  • Betty Siewert - 6 weeks ago

    Any one but a big NO to ken Jennings

  • Joe pedicino - 6 weeks ago

    Ken Jennings. I liked the way he honored Alex and kept show moving as long term champ

  • Don - 6 weeks ago

    Ken has been the best. Only second to James H. He kept the show moving. Had good comments through the shows. Would be a mistake to lose him.

  • Val Hertel - 6 weeks ago

    Mike Richard's is smooth, well adapted, good voice, good timing with questions. The very best so far!!! Personable

  • Linda F Schrawyer - 6 weeks ago

    I like Mike Richards the best, he has that host quality that Alex had. I enjoyed him the best out of any one the quest hosts I've seen this far. I did not care for Dr. Oz as a Jeopardy host at all. Thank you taking the time to read my comment about my thoughts on the subject. God Bless/Stay Safe.

  • Don pension - 6 weeks ago

    Haven’t seen Aaron Rogers yet, but I’m leaning toward him

  • Susan Thomas - 6 weeks ago


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