Which anagram put you down for the COUNT?

Select up to 3 answers.


  • Big John - 2 weeks ago

    And... another easy one!

  • Angela - 3 weeks ago

    Wishing you a great day too, Andrea.

  • Angela - 3 weeks ago

    I agree, Bert. Definitely didn’t need the letters!

  • Angela - 3 weeks ago

    Same here, Tricia. A very easy one today.

  • Andrea - 3 weeks ago

    Wow!! I did it Looking forward to see the next challenges tomorrow have a great day

  • bert - 3 weeks ago

    easiest puzzle ever, got all answers instantly

  • Tricia - 3 weeks ago

    Just by looking at the cartoon, I guessed the answer before even doing the puzzle! Good one!

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