What is your COVID-19 vaccination status? (Poll Closed)
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  • Brian Too - 3 days ago

    Here's my thing. Why on Earth, is everyone talking about some specific Covid-19 'passport'?

    We have these already! They are called the International Certificate of Vaccination. I've had mine for a quarter century and I never travel (internationally) without it.

    We are going to create a duplicate system, that is country-specific, and it will be worse in every way. The ICV is known, it is standardized, and it covers all vaccinations.

    I am beyond words.

  • Reasonable - 6 days ago

    JT - you are aware that the only difference between an unvaccinated person (never had COVID nor does not possess anti-bodies) and a vaccinated person is zero in terms of spread. The vaccinated person will be spared worse symptoms. That is fact. If you are implying that you and others need to protect yourself, do so, get vaccinated. That is clear. But I hope you are not implying regulating who gets to go where. This passport stuff is dangerous ground and has dark consequences.

  • JVM51 - 6 days ago

    No plans, why in case I get shamed and note I am not an anti-vaccer and my mother has cancer so is health compromised. I have a good perspective people:

    1) Already had COVID, I have natural immunity
    2) Too new, Not FDA approved, emergency use only
    3) It does not prevent COVID, it only lessons symptoms
    4) J&J is akin to flu via dead virus is a vaccine, others are gene therapy. BIG DIFFERENCE
    5) No plans to touch my kids with an unproven "vaccine"
    6) Shameful that the easier, profitable thing is to push "vaccines' and not do anti-body testing.

  • Marilee Benson - 6 days ago

    Managed to get an appt the first day we were eligible based on age in CA. But we did drive 40 miles to a more rural area. CVS handled the process extremely well and I recommend this option if it's available. Zero waiting time, other than the 15 minutes afterwards. I tend to be sensitive to vaccines. But I just had a very sore arm for 2 days. 4 days later - all good! My husband had much less arm soreness than I did, and no other symptoms. Absolutely THRILLED to have that first vaccine done! Weirdly - I beat my 79 year old Mom to the vaccine. Her 1st vaccine appt in Texas is this week. I attribute this to 1) Moderately uncooperative subject 2) I'm out of State and it was must harder to assist her remotely 3) Texas opened up to many more people pretty early and then we were competing with a LOT of people. And long drives to more rural areas were logistically difficult.

  • Cosmos - 6 days ago

    Already have natural immunity from getting COVID this winter. I'll take a vaccine whenever it's available in my state, but I feel like in fairness the doses should be going to others who have zero immunity first.

  • Alana Jenkins - 6 days ago

    I debated getting the vaccine since I'm pregnant, but after several of my OBs recommended it, I went for it. No side effects from the 1st dose of Pfizer, but the 2nd felt like fatigue from my first trimester. I had that for a full day the day after my shot. I'm feeling better just over a week out and I'm looking forward to officially being fully vaccinated next week. Like another person said, water helped. I didn't take Tylenol due to my pregnancy to be on the safe side & toughed it out.

  • Scott - 6 days ago

    Speaking to some of the docs, looks likely this is going to turn into a yearly booster to catch the variants, kind of like a flu shot.

  • Peter Charbonnier - 6 days ago

    I chose "plan to be by August", but it's just a hope really. I'm supposed to be eligible by May 1st in Washington state, but will the supply be there, and how long will the wait list be? Pretty surprised that's it's available to this many people.

  • Jere - 6 days ago

    Felt lousy the day after first Moderna dose, but aspirin and lapsang souchong tea did the trick. Looking forward to my second jab next week, and finally being allowed to travel to my hospital clients.

  • Marshall - 6 days ago

    Dose #1 = "Half-Vaxxed"

    Dose #2 = "Max-inated"

    J and J = "One and Won"

  • I welcome our robot overlords! - 6 days ago

    Personally, I was happy to receive my microchip and enhanced 5G reception!

  • Breezy - 6 days ago

    Holy covid arm! One week following my first moderna dose, my arm is swollen, itchy, and has a big rash!

  • Mr. HIStalk - 6 days ago

    Did nothing to prepare for Pfizer #2. Zero side effects, not even arm tenderness, just like the first dose. Planned to spend the day recuperating, but had a normal day working and getting stuff done. Thanks to the scientists and government leaders for giving me my life back.

  • JT - 1 week ago

    So only 5% say "Not vaccinated, no plans to get the vaccine" which seems lower than the normal (?) population. But makes me wonder how people might feel knowing an unvaccinated person from a vendor is visiting their practice/hospital. I think these types of conversations will become more likely in the coming months. How is it working now for folks?

  • Larry Kaiser - 1 week ago

    Double Pfizer and good to go. Drank a lot of water before and after #2. Also took a Tylenol 1 hour before and after. Had zero side effects.

  • Marc Perry - 1 week ago

    I had a minor reaction 48 hours after the second shot.

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