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  • Blue Wave Ryder - 1 year ago

    I'm not a Robyn DiAngelo apologist, nor have I attended one of her seminars. I did listen to the audio version of her book White Fragility. I had the impression that Robyn was trying to get white folk to DE-CENTER WHITENESS in their thinking and interactions. To stop defining the world in terms of their whiteness. The point she made in her book is that when white people feel guilty or threatened, they derail the conversation by being offended or hurt and talking about how they feel, rather than how people of color experience racism and bias in america.

    I really like Jane Elliott, though. She's an OLD white woman who AIN'T about the shit.

  • Koritha Mitchell - 1 year ago

    OOOPS! I should've listened to the entire episode before just taking the poll. You've clearly seen Elliott do some stuff I haven't seen. And I've never gotten the impression that DiAngelo's workshops are all about white people not speaking.

  • Jane Elliott was definitely my introduction to white folk who encourage white people to hold themselves to higher standards, but as time has gone on, I'm less a fan of the fact that she made her point with children. I appreciate folk who are willing to target adults with these difficult conversations. I'm not saying that was all Elliott did, but DiAngelo's focus on adults has earned my respect. I've seen folk critique her and pocket-check her, but I haven't seen her say anything that I didn't think was on-point. And the so-called diversity trainer you talked about who threw marginalized groups under the bus only makes me understand further the value of what DiAngelo does, mostly because it's about white folk facing themselves. It's not for people of color; it's for white folk to do better.

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