Would you support changing the name of Mexico City to Mexico-Tenochtitlán?

  • Brad Boner - yesterday

    WTF! All the expats here want to change the name - to what, New Jersey II

    Mexico is fine with all of its names. There are plenty of indigenous names to famous sites! You bozos are spewing crud only because you have too-much time on your hands! What's next - changing the name of Popo?

    Get real.

    It's not your country, plebes!

  • Michael R Horan - 2 days ago

    Change it to Tenochtitlan. Return all of the endandangered forests and endangered wildlife lands ownership to indigenous natives, for example all of the Nazarit state mangroves trees forest.

  • Nora Sanchez - 2 days ago

    As a Mexican born in Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal and --although living in Japan-- still having the right to vote through my embassy, I think that the idea of renaming the city is CRAZY. I agree with Marcy that nobody is thinking of the money it will cost.
    Actually it seems to me like the City Mayor is just trying to get the spot before elections.

    BTW, I was a devoted performer of traditional Mexican dances when I lived in Mexico. Now in Akita, Japan I cooperate with exhibitions of Mexican culture for International events.

  • Paul Springer - 3 days ago

    Love the idea. Tenochtitlán. Do it.

  • Gabrielle Butterfield - 3 days ago

    Tenoch was the first emperor and the City of Tenoch is named gor him. The trouble is no one outside of Mexico will be able to pronounce it. There are problems with Tijuana, why do people in North America say, Tia juana. Its not auntie Jane, which is Tiajuana.Stick to Mexico. or DF. Don't confuse the people.

  • robert d corkrum - 3 days ago

    Beto H: One angle your little mind failed to acknowledge - the Spaniards were invaders; the Aztecs natives. What the Aztecs framed as a civilization may not be your idea of eating greasy tacos and fat-heavy tamales, but the Aztecs were as pure as anything in the Americas of the time. The Spaniards had already been mixing with a variety of other cultures.

    That they came to steal and slaughter is not in question.

    Put the bottle of cheap mezcal down, Betito.

  • Bruce Cameron - 4 days ago

    If the government - at whatever level - has decided that this is a burning issue during a the pandemic, then let's go for something which will offend no one: GAZORNINPLATZ.

    But truly folk, moves to change city names are usually really just a political smoke screen to hide something.

  • Beto H. - 4 days ago

    Ridiculous. Most Mexicans have a strong presence of Spanish blood in their DNA yet we chastise the inhumanity of the conquistadores and not of the Aztecs who were equally (if not more) inhumane with other Mesoamerican groups. I vote for Cortés City. To the victor go the spoils. If the Aztec Empire (and other Native American groups) were more advanced than European civilizations at the time, we'd be more worried about keeping our hearts in our rib cage as opposed to answering inane questions on what to rename a city to unburden our collective conscience of "guilt." Unless you are 100% Aztec or similar, you really don't have a dog in this fight.

  • John - 4 days ago

    Once again Mexican News Daily picks an absurdly ridiculous question to ask. Wake up! There are any number of more important questions facing this country. Stop feeding the people pablum.

  • John Booth - 4 days ago

    Tenochtitlan must have been a truly horrendous place. Thousands being sacrificed in the most cruel and horrible way in order to support a stupid religion which only crazy people could think up. The Aztecs were brutal and had to be constantly at war in order to capture people to sacrifice ( naturally they didn't want to sacrifice themselves if they could possibly avoid it). When Cortes first arrived in Tenochtitlan he was struck by the number of 'priests there were walking around, dressed in black and their clothes matted with blood. Best insurance policy against getting your heart cut out was to be one of those that was doing the cutting! Get real, thank goodness I wasn't born there. To bring back that name just enshrines in perpetuity all that disgusting crap that went on.

  • Estaban Moreno - 5 days ago

    A great volcanic eruption, tearing el DF apart, woulda be a blessing to all mexicanos.

  • Marcy - 5 days ago

    A MAJOR PANDEMIC....people starving....people loosing jobs....People DYING....and you are worried about what to re-name Mexico City?????????????? Is there ANY sanity left in ANY of the Americas??????? Just think....you re-name Mexico City.....HOW MUCH MONEY will it cost to change all the street signs, maps ,stationery, buisness cards, ETC ETC. Would this TIME & MONEY not be better spent to save human lives???

  • Eric Brown - 5 days ago

    I agree with Raymond Payne, don't muddy it up with needless redundancy, just respect and honor those before us and change it to Tenochtitlan.

  • Brad Boner - 5 days ago

    I was okay when it was simply "El DF"...

    Bring it back!

    Say "No!" to Tenochtitlan, which means, "All the buffalo have died."

  • George - 5 days ago

    As an expat, it’s really none of my business. But if they’re gonna change the name of Mexico City, they should at least choose one that most of the world can pronounce and spell.

  • Patrick Alcatraz - 5 days ago

    Well, since we're being rather benevolent to the nativist side of Old Mexico, how about re-naming Washington, D.C. to something truer to the nation's lands - like Pocahontas, D.C.

    And Austin, Texas to Santa Anna City. El Paso, Texas to Pancho Villa, Texas.

    Mexico City, like Paris, NYC and Tokyo, is a cosmopolitan city speaking to the present and the future.

    The Aztec Empire, like the Roman and the Macedonian lands of the pagan Alexander The Great, came and went. It should be remembered in history classwork, but, well, the gesture is only kind, not at all serving anything the Aztecs stood for. It's been too-long.

    Yet another silly example of trying to right centuries of wrongs with one lousy-inspired move.

    Moctezuma is dead...

  • Chantal Atassi - 5 days ago

    Tenochtitlan is a very beautiful original name !!

  • Charles A Lozada - 5 days ago

    Let the majority vote win, Tenochtitlan sounds Maravilloso.

  • Rick - 5 days ago

    I don't care if they rename the city to Tenochtitlan, but Mexico-Tenochtitlan is stuuuuuuuuupid!

  • Ardis Kamra - 6 days ago

    It is about time!

  • Satesh Narine - 6 days ago

    Absolutely...about time to erase the Spanish legacy

  • Raymond Payne - 6 days ago

    Just stick to Tenochtitlan. Give the indigenous people who founded this nation some respect for a change
    ...especially during the 500 year anniversary. It costs nothing and honors the poorest citizens of this country.

  • Donald Hauser, Sr. - 6 days ago

    Yo quiero que el nombre Mexico City/ Ciudad de Mexico se queda. Gracias

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