Do you fear Biden's open borders policies will lead to more terror attacks in US?

  • Lola E Smith - 4 weeks ago

    This is TREASON and all of the Biden Regime, including Pelosi and Schumer should be charged with it. We are at war due to this INVASION. Foreign individuals INVADING another country is an ACT of war.

  • Mary McHugh - 5 weeks ago

    Without a doubt!!! Biden and his communist party laid down the welcome mat for terrorists, drug smugglers, human traffikers, gangs and drug cartels just to name a few. What do they care what harm can come to us? If things get out of hand they'll.fake another Q attack threat and surround themselves with the entire US Military. I'm thinking they didn't think this evil plan through. It's just a matter of time before karma When you put out all this evil and negativity, it's inevitable that it's.gonna backfire. They are as stupid as they are evil. They stole the White House from President Trump and the American people. They are nothing but a bunch of shanty, low class squatters. Eviction is surely gonna come.

  • MYMY - 5 weeks ago

    Any normal person with working brain cells knows terrorist will come. They are already being caught & who knows how many didn’t get caught. It’s stupid to have open borders you’re just inviting trouble. If people come to America legally I have no problem

  • Connie Morris - 5 weeks ago

    WHY are we allowing this person and female to go completely against the immigration laws that have been in place for so many years erase them with a stroke of a pen
    How bad would people and the media come down on Trump for such actions and the media broadcasting “CHILDREN IN CAGES” until it was sickening and now the media is keeping things along the boarder because of an imposed gag order and why didn’t the media broadcast all of this including the beginning of mental issues WHICH THEY KNEW ABOUT and WHY didn’t the media report on the things that male-not a man-had been saying for years. I’m a nobody and I knew about everything he said he was going to do and has done by what he actually had said and voted on for a long time he isn’t running this country neither is the female there are people in the background that want to destroy this country. You all know how is is “Money talks and S_ _t walks” and WE ALL ARE ALLOWING IT

  • Sharon A. Howard - 5 weeks ago

    I think that the Democrats will unleash terror, if they can’t get 100% of the American people to accept Communism. I believe that America will soon be destroyed.

  • Judy Flannery - 5 weeks ago

    Yes people coming in from terriost’s country is not good have people forgot about 911. No telling who is coming in & going all over the United States. This is very disturbing better be ready for maybe another inside attack! This is not good!

  • DRhonda Wallace - 5 weeks ago

    The last two have been Muslims

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