Grade the 'Conners' double-header:


  • hughes Patricia - 3 years ago

    I love The Conners!! I just wish Roseanne would come back as a twin sister no one ever knew about! Roseanne was not backstabbed by the other actors. They were all upset about her leaving and it was not their wish for her to do so, and Roseanne even encouraged them to go on with the show without her. She really is a good person, and she really is missed!!

  • Elizabeth M - 3 years ago

    I like The Conners. I never liked arises nes loud ignorant character and with her out only my faves remain. Jackie, Dan, Darlene and Becky. I’m a fan

  • Everyone else can be sorry - 3 years ago

    How can anyone watch a show with out the main character. Roseanne was the show. Some jealous, untalented people stole it from her. Those people on it would not be famous if not for her. They turn around and stab her in the back. It’s okay that Gilbert used her sister name to fame. That she’s a total mess. Why would anyone care.

  • Robert - 3 years ago

    I wish that had that MOlly had been.on a few more episodes before killing her of. Would have been nice for Darlene to have a friend to lean on, as well to give Darlene a life outside of her family and kids.

  • Charles Beauchamp - 3 years ago

    I liked the show, however, I would've had Molly back over 4 episodes and get them really being friends and us seeing a bound as they laughed and cried. Then out of the blue Darlene finds out Molly died. The audience then really feels that shock.
    As far as Becky, I love when Jackie gets to get mad and show those drama chops. I would have left the baby being stuck in between the mattress and wall remain true. I would've drawn that kitchen scene out to where they were all upset and furious. Have Becky go around the room pointing fingers until she got to the baby and blamed her then to realize she had really reached a new low.

  • Karen's Crocker - 3 years ago

    It was a good show tonight and was that the season finale or is there going to be a couple of more shows before the season finale please don't tell me that was a season finale I really like the show but I do miss Roseanne on it

  • john smith - 3 years ago

    and GREAT acting on Becky's part. Great Ep folks. thank you

    (and with Mom ending (RIP) glad to see substance abuse being talked about. thank you.

    loving the show. (and Ben is delightful eye candy :) )

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