Should municipalities make it easier for restaurants to open patios?

  • Maryann cambly - 3 days ago

    Outside patios should be opened and distancing should be kept, by all means!!! It is also imperative that masks should be on when placing your order to the waitress!!

  • O Parker - 4 days ago

    27 studies prove lockdowns do not work

    February 3, 2021 

    The following is research done by Brumby and published by

    A study by researchers at the BMJ and Yale titled ‘Effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19: A Tale of Three Models‘ found that :

    “Inferences on effects of NPIs are non-robust and highly sensitive to model specification. Claimed benefits of lockdown appear grossly exaggerated.”

    A study in The Lancet found that:

    “government actions such as border closures, full lockdowns, and a high rate of COVID-19 testing were not associated with statistically significant reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality” .

    .......there are more scientific backed reports out there, that debunk Government and Health Officials Fear Tactics..

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