If you are offered the AstraZeneca vaccine, will you take it?

  • Jaye - 5 weeks ago

    I wouldn’t trust AZ any more than I trust our government’s decision to re-vaccinate four months after first shot. This, despite the recommendation from Pfizer for a maximum of 40 days, and Moderna for a repeat after 30 days. I always understood that manufacturers’ recommendations should be followed in order to make sure warranties were honoured. In the case of the vaccines, no warrantee is available, but I believe that the reason for the delay is because the government failed to order enough, early enough, to protect the population. Assurances from “above” that a four month wait is acceptable is not in the least reassuring.

  • Ben Jeske - 5 weeks ago

    Even though I have had my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine I would have taken the Astra, had it been offered first.
    Vaccines have helped control some of the most deadly and debilitating viral diseases, which killed and maimed millions of people all over the world - smallpox, polio and rabies, to name only three, and bacterial killers like TB, diphtheria and typhoid.
    Even though hesitation to take the vaccines due to the development speed is both, understandable and warranted, the medical community was facing an emergency, and going at the usual speed (fiddling while Rome burned) was not seen as a luxury they could afford. A debatable stance, yes, but I see it more as erring on the side of those who were the most threatened. Cannot fault them for that.
    What I do fault them for, however, is for not availing themselves of already available interim treatment options until vaccines could be fully developed at the usual pace. Ridicule and shame was heaped on the heads of those who suggested interim treatment with re-purposed drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Both drugs have admirable effects and safety records, and huge amounts of data were available to speak to their efficacy. Their fatal flaw was that they were cheap and without patent protection - so no money-maker for Big Pharma.
    And because Big Pharma has too many politicians in their deep pockets, the best solutions go unused, while thousands of people die. It is a sad fact that all too often the tail is wagging the dog, and that is why too many people who could be alive, have died instead, and our economies are in free-fall.

  • john crashley - 5 weeks ago

    into some form of lockdown for over one year.
    the virus is only transmissible over a fourteen day period.
    why is it not possible to give ten days notice, and then
    everything shuts down. everything.
    people stay home for two weeks. oh ya boo hoo to the whiners.
    but after two weeks...no more virus.

  • Gerald Smith - 5 weeks ago

    No for Astra Zenica. I did get Phizer and I'm doing fine after one month. Please people, do your part, get immuneized used or just stay home. Young people please listen.

  • Jackie Mottershead - 5 weeks ago

    I think the vaccines are very important right now but i would pay more attention to WHO on which vaccine and time between 1st and 2nd dose. As far as Horgan, Henry and Dix, i think they have handled all of this with some grandiose idea that we are all stupid and look upon them as trust worthy leaders. Not shutting down our borders and stopping travellers to the island made us sitting ducks with no one steering the boat now we are starting to sink. I am at the point now where the lack of truth, transparency, solid leadership and respect for BC and the people of this province has me angry and tired of even hearing anymore of the NDP's and Dr Henry's bull. Not to mention it is time Premier Houdini stopped with the idiot surveys when he has shown over and over again he doesn't' care what we think.

  • james joyce - 5 weeks ago

    No matter what vaccine we take ,it won't make too much difference unless we take this pandemic seriously. Government changes its mind every few days and wanting to make sure these selfish groups get voted back in nobody will actually put there foot down. Airlines still carrying rows of covid into Canada. People still doing what they want. Still stumbling through the vaccinations. Put all there eggs into a vaccine with China knowing only bad was going to happen. Apparently DR Bonney thinks this will be back to normal this summer. People are getting treated like children and the sad thing is they actually think we believe them. And they get voted back into power

  • Colleen - 5 weeks ago

    Yes. AstraZeneca!!! Had my shot today!!! Feel soooo grateful.

  • Karen Salahub - 5 weeks ago

    I will take the AstraZeneca because the risks to myself are outweighed by the safety of everyone around me ! We're all in this together

  • Lorena Rose - 5 weeks ago

    Whether it's the covid vaccine or any other treatment etc., we decide to put into our bodies is a risk and unpredictable on the affects each individual has.

  • Brett - 5 weeks ago

    Just to be clear, no covid rushed vaccine for me thanks. Not just the AstraZenica
    Who knows what the effects to our immune system this new technology brings,,,, no thanks

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