Grade 'Shameless' Season 11 as a whole:


  • Chris - 1 year ago

    Bogus! People have ridden the waves with this show for 10 years. How dare they not give the audience some comfort and resolve in wrapping up the stories of these “friends and family”. Super disappointed that this was thought to be acceptable. Frank should have died in episode 10 and the focus should have been on these still young , parentless, moneyless, and often seen as hopeless people. Audiences needed closure. It was simply not fair!

  • Rod - 1 year ago

    I grew up in an alcoholic home with an alcoholic father. The entire series of shameless has taken me through a range of emotions and made me examine my own life many times. Im 65. I read the article with the shows producer. They got the ending exactly correct. It could not have been any better. I will miss this show. I will miss all the characters. Including Frank

  • Lisa Pompei - 2 years ago

    I'm so sad Shameless is over. I enjoyed every season. I now understand why Emmy Rossum couldn't make the finale, but it was very disappointing to not see an update about Fiona. We could have heard a phone call or a discussion with other Gallaghers at some point during season 11, or during the finale.

    I didn't particularly love the finale, and thought having Frank die of COVID was a bad storyline. Regardeless though, I will continue to watch the reruns over and over again.

    A spin off if possible or a reunion show several years from now would be great. Frank watching over from above could work, and already does in movies and TV shows.

    Thank you for 11 years with this dysfunctional family...

  • Skyler Parker - 2 years ago

    I wanted y'all to keep going now I'm going to buy all seasons and cry in tears hopefully y'all bring it back ????????????????????????

  • Tammy - 2 years ago

    So very sad to see shameless end but you y’all did a fabulous job, my one complaint is the scene that basically insinuates Trump and Biden, I don’t think that was a good move considered Hollywood disliked trump even tho he really was a great president. Biden has already gotten us into a lot of hot water. Shame on you guys for putting politics into the season finale, it seems a bit sneaky and utterly disgusting. You guys have gone all these years and kept politics out of it.

  • Jimi - 2 years ago

    The last few seasons were getting too political. Didn't need to hear it in the show, I could watch the news if I wanted to hear that crap.

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