Should B.C. schools be closed for in classroom learning?

  • W bartlet - 5 weeks ago

    All-remote learning is failing many students all across the country: "These children are struggling"

    DECEMBER 7, 2020 / 10:07 AM / CBS NEWS

    In our series "School Matters," we're looking at how the pandemic is taking a toll on schoolchildren and their grades.

    Students in about 40 percent of school districts across the country haven't seen the inside of a classroom in more than eight months – and their grades tell a sad story.

    New academic performance numbers suggest the disruption to in-person education is taking a heavy toll on many students.

    Facts are facts, not feelings.
    Fear is feelings that belong to the misinformed.

  • Ethan chris - 5 weeks ago

    Pediatricians' Group Says School Is Priority, With Proper Safety Measures

    WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- A prominent U.S. doctors' group reaffirmed its recommendation this week that having kids physically in school should be the goal, while also outlining safety protocols needed to allow schools to be open.

    Why would teachers want to be in school, when they can stay at home collecting full salary - from the tax paying public ?

  • Lorena Rose - 5 weeks ago

    Who is not being diligent in knowing that any sign, no matter how minimal of illness, do not go anywhere until you know it will not expose others.

  • Brett - 5 weeks ago

    Not just in class but a 3 week pause to enable staff as well to stay safe, they still have to travel to work.
    If this is in fact in our community then we must close vetting make a difference not just drag this thing out with fluff allowing some to prosper and other a death sentence, how narrow minded :(

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