If you have not already been vaccinated against Covid, will you obtain a shot when it’s available?

  • Super Rana - 4 weeks ago

    I am 52. I am vaccinated and I lived to tell about it. I received the Moderna shots. I am allergic to sucrose, which is the last ingredient in this shot. Took a Benadryl before shot and no problem. No fever, just sore all over for two days. I thought long and hard about getting the shot and decided that when I die, not if but when....I don’t want to be alone and from CV. I would rather have flu symptoms and die another way. If this shot is all that you “other” people say then fine. I would rather go out like that. But if I’m right, then yea! I’ll travel with my vaccine passport and send you all photos of my lovely vacations. Advice, don’t believe media, no believe other people. Do your homework, do not be lazy, read everything good and bad and form your own opinion. I did.

  • Sheila - 5 weeks ago

    I got the first shot of astra Seneca , now they don't have don't have the second.

  • -El Codo- - 5 weeks ago

    Got SinoVac jab no 1 yesterday. Today I am in bed with a 101.7°F and climbing fever after taking 1300 mg of paracetamol acetaminophen Tylenol. They told me at the beginning of the line the vaccine was AZD 1222. The certificate says SinoVac. No bad immune responses and no arm pain. But the fever is kicking my butt. Age 74

  • robert d corkrum - 5 weeks ago

    Jill, doll, the weak and the poor will go first. That is historical, across the world. You arrive all-innocent, as if you do not know your own social standing and wish for someone to tell you whether you will go or be spared.

    That attitude tells me everything I need to know about you.

  • Jill - 5 weeks ago

    Robert G Corkrum
    So question is who shall decide who is not necessary to live, ? Would anyone like to volunteer themselves and their family to be exterminated for the good of society? Maybe that is this vaccines purpose after all ?

  • robert d corkrum - 5 weeks ago

    Bette and David seem to be the sort to fear even their shadows. Poor bastards. Not that I totally disagree with them, but my fear is for an over-populated world. There are now almost 8 billion people on Earth, and that number is always rising.

    How to house and feed them is every government's current nightmare.

    History shows us that wars is how we trim the herd. War, as in killing by the thousands. That is the coming attraction, folks. Live a life of peace and ease while you can. Tomorrow may not be as calm...


  • Brad Boner - 5 weeks ago

    The only shot I want is a shot of tequila. I'm 66 and have lived a full life. You who think you'll live forever are sick in the head. The vaccines are a risk themselves! Get your heads out of your asses and live, for no one is guaranteed an advanced age.

    My dog is 15 and he knows he's dying.

    He doesn't want a shot; he wants a sexy bitch! That's what's to live for!!!

  • Bette - 5 weeks ago

    I was raised to question authority, to practice critical thinking, being open to both sides of any story, and then decide for myself. Do you not see how fear is creating divisions between us? Should we not be alarmed that other points of view are censored and called conspiracy theories? Do you actually know what is in these vaccines? Isn't it time to stop going along with this agenda that is destroying independent business world wide, and lives...and depriving us of our basic freedoms? The vaccines are synthetic pathogens that enter ones DNA and alter it. I say NO, never to this tyranny.

  • David - 5 weeks ago

    No I don’t want the RNA Gene Therapy Jab. I still want my travel rights. This is a Fascist takeover by the medical industrial complex to legislate further restrictions on us and in Bill Gates own words CONTROL THE POPULATION.

  • Werner - 5 weeks ago

    I see the idiots are out in force. Thinking is not a skill to be exhibited by these insipid commenters.

    Pandemics are zoonatic!

    Animals are the usual source of viruses. Any first year medical student would tell you that. No brainer there: get rid of the dog, the cat and the parrot. Do not buy meat at open-air markets and cook your food in super-hot temperatures. Wash your hands and your hair, all hair - drapes and carpet.

    Do not handle pet food without gloves. Change your bedsheets daily and do not send your clothing out to a laundromat. Do not eat in eateries with more than 10 tables and always choose a corner spot. Ask the waitress if she's bathed recently. Do not drink from a glass; carry your own straw.

    Have protected sex. The labia can be a virus host.

    Stop criticizing those who bring you good info!

  • Ruth - 5 weeks ago


    Vaccines aren’t necessary or desirable. There are VERY effective treatments!

  • John - 5 weeks ago

    It never ceases to amaze me the people who only think of themselves when it comes life. They have a million excuses why they won’t get the vaccine, yet the true reason is they are self centered and narcissistic and don’t care about anyone else. So go ahead and live your self centered existence, you just won’t be living it around me or anyone I know, because we’ll get vaccinated to protect others and ourselves.

  • Judith - 5 weeks ago

    Werner, may you live to the file old age of 50 and see if you have lived long enough!!!!!!!!

  • david edward mc donald - 5 weeks ago

    NO NO NO if you get the shoT=shots still no guarntee you still wont get it

  • Werner - 5 weeks ago

    There is a truism that says if you go looking for trouble in anything medical, well, you'll find it. Anyone over 50 still alive under the onslaught of undefeated, still-amok Covid-19 should delay the vaccine. You're fine, you've been fine and, so, why dance with the devil at this point? The vaccines carry so many side-effects as to all be a mangrove swamp of bad possibilities. Plus, at your age...you've lived a full life.

    A vaccine is not a full-proof, 100% guarantee. Any doctor will tell you that.

    None gets off this world alive, so...

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