Are you worried about COVID-19 vaccine side effects?

  • Darlene - 5 weeks ago

    I have allergy to PEG which means i cannot have the Astra Zenica vaccine. I have a shellfish allergy which means i cannot take the moderna vaccine.Phizer???? They do not tell me if they will offer me that .

  • Diane - 5 weeks ago

    I am very worried about the AZ and now J&J with possible blood clotting. As a person who has experienced 2 blood clot episodes in the pas 18 months and having to take blood thinners I don't want to take the chance. I am hoping that when my turn comes up next week I will be offered the Moderna or Physer.

  • Vickie Sandover - 5 weeks ago

    I am more worried about not getting the vaccine.

  • Brett - 5 weeks ago

    I am worried the new technology in the way the vaccine works will render my own body’s ability to fight off illness effectively might be the result of a messed up immune system. I believe in doing things to boost my bodies ability to fight sickness not rely on corporate medical assistance that seems to want to keep people slightly sick to make money

  • Tonya Glover - 5 weeks ago

    I WILL not get the J &J or the AstraZeneca

  • Brenda Mason - 5 weeks ago

    I had the AstraZeneca vaccine and had minimal side effects

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