Would you support adding 4 justices to the Supreme Court?

  • Herbert - 4 weeks ago

    Republicans have already packed the court using double standards. So stop your crying. Did you really think you were gong to go unchecked.

  • Regina Miller - 4 weeks ago

    The Supreme Court is already "Packed," to the conservative side. They are to remain balanced to give fair and equal decisions and currently they are not.

  • Sylvia - 4 weeks ago

    No political party should have the power to add justices to the Supreme Court, just because they believe the majority of the current justices do not share their beliefs or values. They should only be added as vacancies occur, not for one party to change a system, which has worked well for many years. This is a blatant attempt on the part of Democrats to take total control of everything, with no regard for the many citizens who disagree with them and most of their policies.

  • Daniel Baker - 4 weeks ago

    Just continue the political gamesmanship, UNTIL, the Congress produces a Constitutional Amendment that FORBIDS the political stacking of the Court.

  • Nancy - 4 weeks ago

    They are claiming that it will restore power back to the people & that is total bull! It will restore power to the Democrats! Trump filled a vacancy! Democrats would of done the same thing!

  • William stanich - 4 weeks ago

    The Republicans first started politicizing by playing games to stack the Supreme Court( refusing one appointment months and months ahead of election; pushing through another weeks ahead of election) so have no problem if expanded by Democrats. Don’t complain if you seat the precedent

  • Jon - 4 weeks ago

    Curious how during your reporting of this story you didn’t refer to this expansion as court packing but constantly reported Trump was packing the court (during the election) even though he was just filling an empty position. Tired of this kind of bias.

  • Timothy Cummings - 4 weeks ago

    I believe more Justices would provide a broader range of opinions, thus distributing the interpretation of Law from a few to a more fair and diverse representation for our country's population. Increasing the number of Justices could also prevent a single Political party in power from taking control of the Court. Is it reasonable that nine, predominantly white male, individuals can adequately represent the whole population of our country? In my opinion, history has shown it is not!

  • James Schuck - 4 weeks ago

    Packing the court: The last move made for a complete takeover of power. THE SCOTUS is the last line of defense against the radical left and now they want control of that. Our republic is indeed in danger from the radical left, not the SCOTUS. They know they can't hold onto power through legitimate means forever. A 7/6 split in the court would ensure that their radical, socialist ideas could never be overturned once they're booted out of office.

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