What would you do to resolve the situation in Aguililla, Michoacán?

  • Patricia Smith - 4 weeks ago

    Legalize all drugs in Mexico and the US (like they did in Portugal). Addiction plummeted and it would put the cartels out of business or turn them into legitimate suppliers.

  • B. Margareta Small - 4 weeks ago

    I so love Mexico and will never ever forget my beautiful approx. twelve years in downtown Cancun where I only visited la Zona Hotelera to swim in the gorgeous El Mar de Caribe. I am an immigrant from Europe to the US from way back and have a family born here. I speak several languages and studied Spanish formally while staying away from other than los Mexicanos nativos while living in Mexico. Sr. Bravo, el gerente de Inmigracion me aviso que asimilarme y si funciona! Todavia hablo como las Yucatecas y nunca como Gringa porque naci en Europa, creo. Recibo mensajes cada semana de mi amiga mas joven originalmente de Tijuana. Su marido es Maya y tiene tres hijas. Muchos problemas con pobreza, una casa demasiado pequenita (la vida con Covid es un mal sueno por todos). DO YOU THINK I WANT MILITARY ATTACS IN CANCUN? AS USUAL IT WOULD AFFECT THE MEXICAN POOR MORE THAN LOS RICOS. They would take the brunt of it as I suspect and understand the situation. IF NOT, YES -BY ALL MEANS GET RID OF WHOEVER IS MAKING LIFE HARDER THAN EVER FOR THE PEOPLE. I don't even care what happens to los Ricos but PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO SAVE THE BEAUTIFUL MEXICAN PEOPLE, LOS REGULARES Y LOS POBRES!! I COULD CRY JUST THINKING ABOUT THEIR STRUGGLE. I LIVED THERE WHEN HURRICAN WILMA CAME THROUGH AND REMEMBER HOW THEY LOST THEIR PANELS FROM THEIR CASITAS IN LAS REGIONES, not necessarily equal to los Barrios. QUE DIOS LES BENDIGA Y GUARDA. They tell me they fear los Carteles every day and the children are being kidnapped while playing outside so they no longer can't. IMAGINE THAT!!! Whatever will help my friends and Mexico in general I will vote for but I am so afraid of more violence in the streets that the people do not deserve. Enough already. What is AMLO doing about this? I had such big hopes for El Presidente Lopez-Obrador but he is a total disappointment so far. QUE PASO?? AND PLEASE VACCINATE THE PEOPLE NOW - NOT ONLY LOS RICOS!! !PRONTO!

  • david mc donald - 4 weeks ago

    secure thev border if they cant ship it north they dont get any money

  • david mc donald - 4 weeks ago

    no end in sight till they secure the border if they cant ship north they go away

  • Don - 4 weeks ago

    Canada and the USA reined in organised crime between the 1920s and the 1970s, but they didn’t completely stop it. I would wish that Mexico could take something away from what Canada and the USA learnt in their experience and use that to rein in the organised-crime in Mexico, so that it is managed by the Mexican government in the interest of safety for all Mexicans and not the other way around.

  • Patty - 4 weeks ago

    It is hateful to ignore the plight of innocent people caught in cartel crossfire.

  • Brad Boner - 4 weeks ago

    I really don't give a shit. My persona;, individual life is so far from the cartels that I may as well be on the moon. Too many expats here want to sic the military on other Mexicans. What a bunch of losers. If you hate Mexico, get your asses out of the country.

    Your opinions on internal strife only paints you as people whose visas ought to be recalled.


  • Bruce Gelman - 4 weeks ago

    KILL EVERYONE.Humanity is a scourge upon the planet.

  • Angelina Diaz - 4 weeks ago

    Organized criminals stealing from the poor: their cars, neighborhoods, and threatening life and liberty; they must be controlled. If the cartels can't control their thugs, the government won't control the gangs, then all the money in the world will not make Mexico safe or beautiful. The ugliness is disgusting. I love Mexico and the majority of law abiding citizens who are trying to make an honest living.

    The Mexican economy has relied on drug money since A. C. Fuentes. The problem is not the biggest employer in the country, but the gangs and violence at the lower levels of the business. If the bosses don't want to reign in their workers, let the Marines do it. War is bad for business. Let the negotiations begin or bring out the guns.

  • daniel mccoy - 4 weeks ago

    without law and order Mexico is a failed state run by the cartels. Mexicos only hope is to allow the American military in to clean up the mess. Hugs is a really dumb idea. In the old days the government called the cartels in and told them where they could run their operations giving each a part of the country on the promise they would not kill each other. Might still work. Mandatory stiff jail sentences given for kidnapping by secret judges might get rid of that problem. but with people in power making so much money from the cartels nothing will change. Mexico is headed for collapse and a dictator...very sad for the people who will have to go through that.

  • Uppa usss - 4 weeks ago

    You're all wrong. Youre thinking of your safety alone, leave the cartel alone and go about your own business. Prove you're not out to harm them give them a peace offering something that shows they should trust you. Otherwise you'll piss alot of people off and can definitely count on worrying about safety. Give them something. Work something out, they may get bored and change everything they're doing. Each cartel I'm guessing is family related? Made up of family's, it's Mexico... We have a Wall built, we look like bad people we're keeping them out.
    You won't see change by taking the upper hand automatically. Introduce yourselves. Would be My First step with an offer they wouldn't refuse. People will always go. Look at every graveyard and tell me people don't die every day.
    How are you really going to Help the cartels?
    Get to the real problem. Please it saves more time and gets to the final bit of peace

    What do you think Id do? What am I thinking that you would also do?
    It's the cartel correct? Think Family. Nothing to fear.

  • -El Codo- - 4 weeks ago

    A military attack would only inflame things. I'm 74 and have lived my life out, but I do not wish tanks rolling down the streets or helicopter gunships firing at will. But that's just me. I got my shot and will soon be travelling, sending you photos from my journey.

    Would I rather die from wanton gunfire or Covid-19? I just don't want to be shot in the back.

  • robert d corkrum - 4 weeks ago

    As with the movement in the USA to rid itself of the immigrant-country assignation, it's a bit late in the experiment on reining-in the cartels. It is Huge Money and the Mexican economy now lives on it.

    Military attack? What the fuck is that! Must be some Trump acolyte who came up with this silly poll (the 12th in a row!)

    No, the cartels are here to stay until that insatiable love of drugs abates in the USA. That's the root of the problem, as many have said for years. Americans are the consumers; the cartels merely the neighborhood store.

    Domestic trouble in this regard for Mexico is all about turf and protecting it. Bloody skirmishes have been - and will be - the norm. No news there, lad. Next weird poll...

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