Who belongs in the 'American Idol' Top 10?


  • Lisa Carren - 2 years ago

    I love American Idol and the opportunity it gives these amazing vocalists. Although I appreciate giving some of last year’s contestants a comeback, I really feel that it’s unfair to take a spot away from this years talent. How about having a TOP 11 this year, bring Madison back, and then let America decide. I don’t know Madison personally, I just think she’s a great artist.

    It’s been a year of CHANGE, a NEW NORMAL, this year could be a 10, but why not make it an 11. ❤️????????????

  • leslie geddes - 2 years ago

    Re my previous comment. I did NOT put ? marks on my comment and no way to edit. It was Arthur Gunn All The Way⭐⭐⭐

  • leslie geddes - 2 years ago

    No contest! Very happy to see Arthur Gunn back - will be cheering for him to win it all this year. Due to the constraints on performances during last year's pandemic, those contestants missed out on a season truly showcasing their talents. Excited that the public will be given a glimpse of one of those talents this year. Arthur Gunn all the way! ⭐????

  • Kay - 2 years ago

    None of them! Is was so unfair to this year’s contestants!

  • Lorri Peterson - 2 years ago

    Sorry. Truth be told, as "recognizable" as Arthur Gunn is, he makes every song sound the same. Boring. Either Makayla or Louis Knight should go forward.

  • R.J. Jones - 2 years ago

    Madison should have been in top 10, by bringing back last year's losers it wasn't fair, they took away a spot she earned and deserved.

  • Paul E Burgess - 2 years ago

    Y'all could say what you like but Arthur gun to me is the top 10 because of his own style of singing like Alejandro AKA scary pool party

  • Susan Dickerman - 2 years ago

    I think louis knight has the best of all. All around. He is ready for a career. Although I do not agree with how they are doing this. They could have had a separate show for these guys. I think it was maybe a last minute decision. But keeping with the question. Louis knight would be my choice.

  • Melinda Brown - 2 years ago

    I was delighted to see them back.
    Ms Elise is my favorite, such a beautiful voice.
    But she keep picking the wrong songs.
    Her voice is powerful and soulful.

  • BillNCville - 2 years ago

    The whole show seemed like a detour on the road to this season's AI.

  • JoyJoy - 2 years ago

    Every year I get entertained from watching American Idol but I think it can get a little boring. The judges comments are always the same. Yesterday's come back competition was a fun addition. Why not shake things up a little? So for me regarding this part of the competition Arthur Gunn has my vote.

  • Dianne Shea - 2 years ago

    I always liked Merico and although he doesn't have the best voice. He has the full package. It appears very few agree.

  • Jim Meloche - 2 years ago

    None of them belong in THIS years top ten. What a stupid idea. Madison got screwed.

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