Has the Biden Administration

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  • LaKeta - 1 year ago

    I see Biden out here doin his damndest to scooch Barry out of my number one president slot! Barry keeps his position because he's black and I just LOVE the Obamas, but Biden workin HARD for that slot!

  • Shay - 1 year ago

    not gone front he surpassed my expectations. he's supposedly returned a lot of those kids in cages to guardians. he got these shots in folks arms. he gettin folks they unemployment, he's expanded the aca so more ppl can take advantage and just today I heard he's stopping all funding to that border wall. The mans not Jesus or Gandhi or nothing. He's not gonna say everything perfectly and be able to stop all our problems with a hand wave but he's trying and i'm grateful.

  • mizzbarnes - 1 year ago

    I voted Surpassed because the bar has been so low for the past four years, that anything normal that Biden does is excellent! This is sadly where we are at in the year of our Lord, 2021.

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