Grade the 2021 Oscars ceremony:


  • Barbara - 3 years ago

    Ghastly! Too P.C. Embarrassing. Glenn Close doing that butt dance was horrible, Frances McDormand howling was horrible, choreography was horrible, In Memoriam was an insult.
    For me the best part was Harrison Ford's reading of The Blade Runner critique because I thought he had lost it and it was funny in my feeling of relief. Speeches were too long and really boring, It was altogether horrible!
    So much money wasted on expensive gowns.
    The station setting was interesting and the flowers were gorgeous!

  • Leu Elielia Ai Moeala - 3 years ago

    i love this OSCAR Nomination because im so glad that South Korean actress won an OSCAR. Which in my view reflects how talented and successful South Korean people are. and yes they are because KDramas are better because it gives life lessons and challenge people of the reality we are living or the real world. so congrats to Yuh-Jung Young. You deserve this so much

  • Rick Kruse - 3 years ago

    A very boring never ending show .The “in memoriam” sector was a disgrace.Better not to have it rather than rush through it so quickly. No respect for those who have passed.
    Speeches far too long.
    How does one of the most respected actresses in America get to 8 nominations without a win? Glenn Close still managed to give the show one of its brighter moments nonetheless

  • Gary Suran - 3 years ago

    The show was the worst ever. Stunk from top to bottom. It’s suppose to celebrate the movies. And in a year where a rejuvenation was needed. It missed badly. No clips of current movies. No clips of past movies.. The DJ idea was terrible. What a disgrace for the In Memorial segment. What was the hurry? You could barely put a face to the name. They have a whole year to correct the mistakes and make the show interesting again.

  • Laura C. - 3 years ago

    Lost interest in awards shows eons ago. Too many egotists in one room, only other ones interested in them. Too political, no entertainment. Never heard of the movies, or half the people. No loss.

  • Eric J Anderson - 3 years ago

    The 93rd Oscars Broadcast, was just OK. I have been Watching the Academy Awards since I was very little. This Year's Format, was interesting, in that at least there were 100's of People in Attendance, and in a grand Setting. However, count me VERY disappointed, in that there weren't any Clips of Best Actors and Actresses Performances shown in Broadcast. And, WHY wasn't the Best Picture Award given at END of Show? Also, the Graphics were terrible: there should of been a Graphic of Person(s) and Movie below the Winner(s), for the entire Time they were giving their Acceptance Speeches. As in ALL the Year's past the In Memory of Artists of various categories who Passed Away in 2020, had NO Graphics as to which Movie(s) they were Credited with, and, pace was WAY too fast.

    Unfortunately, NO ONE Saw these Movies- unless you Streamed them. To me, there is NO substitute to Seeing Movies in a Theater on a Huge Screen with BIG Sound..

    Let's all hope that the 94th Academy Awards, WILL be a better Show!

  • a wasted evening - 3 years ago

    I like Regina King. Her first line about the Chauvin trial turned me off completely. Every other political comment after that added fuel to the fire. And in a year where most have seen none of the films, you would think they would show several clips to get the audience engaged. I'd give this a "0" out of "10" for awards shows, "4" out of "10" for a fashion show.

  • Janet Ku - 3 years ago

    DULL and too political.

  • John T. Smith - 3 years ago

    Hollywood judges you by your politics not your character, just like Soviet Russia. Kiss off. I can't wait to see what Rex Reed says about the Best Picture.

  • Steffany Sciacca - 3 years ago

    Classless, woke culture, preachy, boring, minions.... over Hollywood and all of their virtue signaling. They will continue to decline because they just don't get it. They are in the business of entertainment.... start entertaining again and stop preaching. Supposed to be a break from the rhetoric, not a continuation.

  • John james - 3 years ago

    Watched a few minutes of both pre-oscar and Oscar.
    What a disrespectful event regarding Humanity! You get millions, oh freedom of speech comes with accountability,start retracting or keep your personal comments and views to yourself!

  • Fred Flintsone - 3 years ago

    Couldn’t watch. I wanted to, but Cable subscription was required. Why? Full of commercials. Moved on to something else.

  • Robert J Flanagan - 3 years ago

    Never understood why people watch a ceremony where people give each other awards to make them feel. Special! Add to it their desire to be political as a group and then over them... You got.a mess few cars about.

  • The Don - 3 years ago

    Go Woke Go BROKE!!!!!!

  • Henry - 3 years ago

    It was terrible this is not a time to use a show for the awards and some jerk talks about changing her shoes to marching boots so sick of the BS and why they do this to us (when a cop tells you to do something you do it plain and simple) stop your crying I will never watch the awards again its all BS Hollywood has turned to garbage

  • Crystal Perkins - 3 years ago

    Sick of the garbage of Hollywood- their job is to entertain- take us away of our current situation. Keep it light!!
    Everything is political- I turned on mindless TV- Naked and Afraid instead.

  • SHERRIE R. Smith - 3 years ago

    SORRY. Thank You...

  • ken - 3 years ago

    this was a pathetic display of the lack of organization, professionalism, and classy entertainment! sir anthony hopkins must have gotten a preview of this so as not to attend. it was so beneath him. this has been over the years, an event i'd grown up to look forward to and enjoy.....NOT this year! someone wins the best female actress and she looked like a skank that just crawled out of bed! i don't want to hear someone talking about a verdict in mpls, and how she ready to put her riot boots on. people, this supposed to be classy entertainment! IT WAS NOT! what ever has happened to hollywood and the movies?

  • Big MOmma - 3 years ago

    We all knew this was going to be a different/difficult year for the traditional award shows. Turned the TV on and as soon as Regina, start her "speech" I just said NOPE, that is my daily life and I was hoping for a little joy and fun and....whatever. Switched channels. On a break from something I was watching, flipped it back on just in time to see a "rant".....done. And it probably means I am done with traditional movies as I am not a star wars/cartoon/comic book appreciator and do not plan on spending the rest of my entertainment dollars on continuing my "woke" improvements. Hollywood, Go back your your multi million dollar mansions, that are safely behind gates with multiple security guards and plenty of police presence , drink some high quality champagne (most likely provided "free" for some promotional something, right? and pap yourself on your backs for showing another example of how very very out of touch your community is during this big year of transition.

  • Dan Chavez - 3 years ago

    Who in their right mind would waste three hours of their life watching a bunch of multi millionaires giving each other awards and patting themselves on the back Id rather watch paint dry.

  • Mary smith - 3 years ago

    Awful, awful, awful, watched oscars for 50 years since I waslittle girl. Where was the glamor, the glitz
    And the Hollywood we all remember. Go back to basics, get orchestra, get proper songs, get Ricky
    Gervais.This was insulting to all our Hollywood stars of years ago. They are turning in their graves.
    Far too politically correct what is the academy trying to prove. Who howls at the Oscars and does a
    Buttdance - what a classless show. Can hardly wait for next year - can’t get much lower

  • Libby Cape - 3 years ago

    After the past year we’ve had, we needed a little “ pick me up” and we didn’t get it. I realize people are still dying from Covid 19. But how about those that have lost loved ones to Covid-19? They might have needed to watch an enjoyable show too , they didn’t get that either. Please make the show a lot better for next year! We deserve it! Sincerely, Libby Cape

  • Dick Banner - 3 years ago

    This was an incredibly poor production that illustrated just how far out of touch the producers were with reality. Absolutely no energy with endless speeches from many awardees in countless categories the public couldn't care about. Where were the cuts from the actual films in most cases? On the cutting room floor? This was painful to watch as a viewer.

  • Rochelle Hudson (almost) - 3 years ago

    The “show”....was trying to almost depression mood. That was the plan.
    No jovial....over kill. People are still dying. In fact, just minutes away.....lay hundreds, on the ground.

    I’m not going to rate a show that I the core of the world right now.

    There will be another laugh and joke. The flowers were lovely.

  • Frank S. - 3 years ago

    Disappointing attempt to revive an Oscars Show during one of the worst years in Cinema history most of the movie theaters were closed in 2020. It was ridiculous to do a show with many movies shelved due to theater closings. Also, what a shame to do video stills during the Memoriam, it was very disrespectful to their life's work and contributions in movie the industry not to show film clips from their past movies like Sean Connery it was absolutely inexcusable.

  • CM - 3 years ago


    ???? How do I say this! It was Creative thinking ???? To pull this off. So my" Constructive Criticism is The producers overthought it. I did not care for the DJ! Oscar's require an orchestra. Let's keep it that way.
    It requires entertainment and MC. Happy ????for all the winners.
    But!☝ The Oscar should always have a dress code always keep the Elegance Class and Style. The diversity was great! But☝
    My opinion ????! The Reduce ers with their guard down and created a Gumbo Oscar.

    Just throw anything in their mix it together.
    Angela Bassett was absolutely perfect. Hallie Berry I'm not sure what she was doing.
    Even the after party host the one guy suit is not even matching.

    I've watched the oscars for over 50 years I think this must have been one of the worst ones. Producers,keep it diverse but require elegance class and style With entertainment and of course you always need a host
    Merci beaucoup

  • Jim Love - 3 years ago

    I had decided on a one word comment about the show. Before I disclosed mine, I asked my wife for hers.Turns out we were on the same wave length. My word was PONDEROUS and hers was BORING. It is hard to believe that this show was produced by professionals in a visual medium

  • Martha scott - 3 years ago

    Appalling. The Grammys knocked it out of the park so anticipated a production of equal quality. Not one redeeming moment. It seemed as if they asked some kid down the block to put the show together this morning....

  • Ray Palladino - 3 years ago

    No one watched. No one cares, no one saw the movies, Hollywood is no longer relevant.

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