Have you invested in any cryptocurrency?


  • Alicia - 2 years ago

    I bought $125 worth last summer and it is now over $600! But my broke ass had to cash out recently :( held on as long as I could!!!

    I guess that is why they say don't start investing until you have a good amount of savings to fall back on when you need it ....

  • LaKeta - 2 years ago

    Why, YES! A sista needs a diverse portfolio! LoL

  • Shay - 2 years ago

    I haven't yet, but i feel like I definitely would once I understand it better and I feel like i wont get took for my coins. I wanna be able to move with the times. I was raised by a generation of ppl who had hiding places in their house for their cash because they didnt trust banks. when I was growing up the concept of a debit card or even a credit card was some rich white folk shit. The stock market is still inaccessible and foreign to a lot of folks. I wouldnt put my whole life savings into crypto. but I want to be able to say I made the the attempt. Scared money don't make money or whatever these kids now days are saying.

  • mizzbarnes - 2 years ago

    I have to say that I don't know that much about it. When the little of it was explained to me, it left me feeling like it's not too secure. I mean, my money in the bank is insured by the FDIC.......I have no idea how this is insured in case shit happens.

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