Should former President Trump be allowed on Facebook again?

  • Larry - 2 weeks ago

    I agree with Annie 100%. It's free and he uses it to incite his cronies. Even the frightened Gop Senators. TheY were crapping and now they get some stomach.

    So you GOP leaders gonna get guys?

    I use to be a republican and served for Richard Lugar. He and Reagan were great.
    Now republicans care less about americans

  • Annie - 2 weeks ago

    No! Trump spews HATE and lLIES and should NOT be allowed to spew them in such a public forum. Facebook is a PRIVATE business and should be allowed to refuse service to anyone-you don’t see other HATE mongers spilling their lies on FB either. Trump’s personal right to free speech ends where my personal right to safety begins. You still can’t shout fire in a crowded theater if there is NO fire and that’s what Trump does. Facebook is NOT Trump’s personal megaphone. Let’s not forget, Trump’s WORDS caused the insurrection, His WORDS create fear, his WORDS create hate, his WORDS create divisions and all that is based on lies. If left unchecked WE create a dictator. Trump serves himself, let’s NOT forget that.

  • D. Harlow - 2 weeks ago

    Hasn't Donald Trump caused enough damage already?
    Here we are, 6 months after the election, and he's still spreading lies
    and misinformation, still claiming he won the election!

  • Rick Griffin - 2 weeks ago

    Freedom of speech should never be banned. Let everyone make their on decisions on right and wrong. No big tech company should have the right to deside who says what and change our constitutional rights. That's what makes us a free country . Everyone should be able to make their own opinions on what or what not to read or believe.

  • Kristina Woods - 2 weeks ago

    He should never have been banned unless the same standard applied to everyone. MANY others said things MUCH WORSE but no ban on them. Where is the fairness in that. These platforms need to be governed so there are no double standards being allowed. The rules should apply to EVERYONE OR NO ONE, not just one side!

  • Jim Hamilton - 2 weeks ago

    A disturbing lesson to learn that so many “Americans” think someone’s speech should not be heard.
    Let’s hear from ALL sides, then we’ll know more about them.

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