Elections are a month off: will Morena sweep the polls again, winning a majority in the lower house of Congress?

  • Bruce Gelman - yesterday

    Some very frightened expats here.Sad.


    Need an option of "No clue" Morena no longer enjoys the status of new kid on the block with nothing but promises to make everything better. AMLO and Morena have had time to show their faults after hitting reality (its easy to criticize but hard to be in the driver's seat) That said I know of more than a few people who are pissed at losing things like Seguro Popular. It gives PRI and the like a wedge.

  • Brad Boner - 1 week ago

    Hey, La Senora...You should care what gringos think. Without us you're nothing. The USA sends Mexico $444 million in annual foreign aid. Plus, guess where most of the other few billion in remittances come from? Those tourists keeping Cancun in the black - Americans! Go sob your nativist tears elsewhere, sweetheart. This website is not neoliberal, either. And who knows if you even know the meaning of the word! Spare me the scolding, doll. Expats contribute good (and clean) money for your economy. Go rag on the cartels, huh? Yeah...

  • Robin Marie Chernault - 2 weeks ago

    As a Residente Permanente I also will not vote. Unless you are foreigner who becomes a citizen, we are not allowed to. Also, you may not protest, and several other things. I prefer to keep my permanente. Eligible for citizenship next year.

  • La Señora - 2 weeks ago

    The 4th Transformation has been beneficial to the people. Our federal government is working for its people and not corporations and oligarchs. Mexico Neoliberal Daily is delusional and who cares what non Spanish speaking gringos think. Morena will win because Love will prevail over evil.

  • The Phantom - 2 weeks ago

    George is right!! No comments on the Mexican Government allowed: none. STAY SAFE!!

  • Lisa - 2 weeks ago

    I hope not!

  • Fernando Betanzos - 2 weeks ago

    I do not know what will happen, except that I will vote AGAINST Morena on June06 next.

  • Brad Boner - 2 weeks ago

    I won't weasel out. I'm here, like you, and I can see and hear things. AMLO has been a complete and utter disappointment. MORENA held much promise but it devolved into the politics of Mexican usual; that is, it's all for those in power (AMLO) or nothing.


  • Sandra Kral - 2 weeks ago

    I agree with George. I'm not expressing my opinion here, nor am I voting.

  • George - 2 weeks ago

    It’s my understanding that the Mexican Constitution forbids foreigners from getting involved in politics and political discussion forums. I do have opinions, but think it’s wise to keep them to myself, especially during election seasons.

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