Do you think people lie about their sex lives on social media?


  • Kemdoc - 3 years ago

    Both sexes are liars with regard to sex. The biggest talkers can have low body counts and the quiet folks can be the opposite. I’ve seen it all. Stay safe out there whatever you do.

  • Shay - 3 years ago

    THE LIES! THE LIES! dickfishing is real is the real crisis in america we need to be talkin about. all on the gram talking about all the thangs you done and the ppl you then done them with. them was scenes from a Pnkyxxx flick, Tyrone! we all saw the flick and you wasnt in it. And take the darrn glade can out ya drawls. Got ya grandmama good air freshener can smelling like ball sweat.

  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    These mugs get porn and real life twisted.....smdh.

    How are you the same age as me, talking about having porn sex??? You're one stroke from a muscle cramp and disability. You better stretch and drink some water before fucking!

  • Alicia - 3 years ago

    People lie or at least mislead about most things on social media.

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