Are you confused about which COVID-19 vaccine you should take?

  • Vicguy - 4 days ago

    Love seeing the laughable anti vax commentors on here ???????????? Get a life.

  • JayT - 4 days ago

    Dont want the vaccine? Sounds good to me, as it means more for those who do! Just stay out of the way when people are wanting the shot, because we dont need you and the rest of the anti vaxxers getting in the way! Good luck!

  • Devlink - 5 days ago

    Health Canada file: A-2020-000208 / BH
    COVID-19 has not been isolated. I.e. Covid-19 testing is fraud. If virus has not been isolated, what are they testing for?
    Why Masks? Why lockdowns? Why Vaccine?

  • Lorena Rose - 5 days ago

    I have no problem with either vaccine. Everyone reacts differently to what is put into our bodies.

  • Brett - 5 days ago

    No confusion, no vaccine
    Looking at the ingredients, nope,,,, no way ,,,,notta chance

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