Do you think Caitlyn Jenner should replace Gov. Newsom?

  • Dianna Lazan - 2 months ago

    Jenner is the most UNQUALIFIED. Her comments and ads thus far show how uneducated and unqualified she really is! Also, ANY REPUBLICAN for California is WRONG.

  • Gene F Croyle - 2 months ago

    do you think she'll wear prada or tiffany to the swearing in? lol

  • Matt - 2 months ago

    If you voted yes, you are an idiot. Jenner is a selfish moron talking about the horror of having to see poor people.

    Newsom is actually doing something about it. Pre pandemic we had 4% growth and a surplus. Republican policies are a economic and human disaster.

    Many recall signers are qanon traitor nutbags.

  • Mike Kerbs - 2 months ago

    If you pay attention to the Prophetic Word, you know Gavin by name was called out by God. You also know God said he would use the same Godless ideologies against the far left Democrats.

    Caitlyn Jenner is going to expose everything that's wrong with California's far left politics

  • Jessica J. - 2 months ago

    She would make a great Governor. California has turned into a shithole. Only the out of touch elitist can live there. Caitlin has achieved the American dream with nothing more than her own hard work.

  • Carmen amaral - 2 months ago

    No she doesn't care about the homeless for the veterans she hasn't done anything volunteer work so far just because she was a he doesn't give her any right to think that she can win the vote for governor of all things show me kills cares about the l b t y I think she'd make a lousy governor

  • J Lee - 2 months ago

    Her remark on her private hanger owning friend leaving the state to due to the increasing amount of homeless shows how out of touch she is with the needs of the people she intends to “serve”.

  • Raymond E Berksza Jr - 2 months ago

    "Famous-for-being-famous" is no qualification for being elected Governor of California and being entrusted with administering the sixth largest economy in the world.

    Now ... add to this Caitlyn Jenner's pained lamentation on Fox News that one of her buddies at the private jet hangar feels that he has to get out of California and move to Sedona, Arizona because he can't bear the sight of so many homeless people around his neighborhood. To this I say, "Oh, you poor dear, you! Your pally-poos are being chased out of the state because the mere sight of poor people makes their suntanned face-lifted mugs sag and melt away, as in the closing scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark". Dearie, do you even know how that statement makes you one jaw-dropping elitist hypocrite? And you have some nerve calling yourself a "Compassionate Conservative". If this is compassionate, then I'm certain I'd really hate to hear what your choice of words would be when you're in a particularly uncharitable mood. To all who might be reading this: If you have a few spare clues to share, do be a sport and send them all to Caitlyn. It seems she could use as many good clues as she can get.

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