Should the Canada-U.S. border now be opened for vaccinated travellers?

  • R. Willis - 6 weeks ago

    Shut down our airports, ferries, trains, and borders - except the obvious essential travel.
    Put road blocks around Surrey, and the Fraser valley.
    Deport and quarantine all transgressors and ant-vaxxers.
    For 3 months or until we learn.

  • SteveK - 6 weeks ago

    Sure, that's it! Next time read all of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and dont just cherry pick and distort to fit your belief system. Police state my alpha sierra sierra!

  • Carey A - 6 weeks ago

    Canada is a Police State.
    Pastor arrested in Calgary Alberta.
    Peaceful protestors also arrested in N.B. Quebec, Ontario.
    The news that you are not hearing about.
    This is a dictators where the powers to be do not obey the Continuation and the Bill of Rights, nor do they follow the Science.

  • Rod - 6 weeks ago

    I look at this way no one is stopping anyone from wearing a mask washing their hands social distancing or self isolating. The masks most people wear don't protect you from anything except maybe dust in the air. If you want to be safe from the virus wear only n95 masks. Washing hands and so are distancing are easy to do. If you are nervous about going out don't, stay at home order your groceries and other essentials online. If you must venture out to an appointment take all the above precautions specially wearing an n95 mask that protects both you and those around you. There's no guarantees in life so do what you feel is safest doing. We're an intelligent species right? Look at the facts not the six o'clock news (sorry Chek but the news is a little one sided these days) read up on both sides of the conversation and decide what is right for you.

  • GaryW - 6 weeks ago

    Lots of whining and sniveling about rights being taken away and police stares etc! Grow up! You still have all your rights intact, as has always been the case, so acting like a petulant child just shows how out of touch you really are! So you have to wear a mask, big deal! You have to wear a seat belt, but I dont see protests over that law! You can still practice your religious beliefs, just not in a church filled with 300 maskless parishoners right now, etc etc. The "Greatest Generation" would be embarrassed at the lack of strength and coming together of today's society! 6 years of a world war versus 14 months of having to wear a mask and social distancing! Boy sometimes I wonder if we have become weak as a people! To all those who have come together to fight this virus, kudos! Coming together as a nation when the going gets tough, is what Canada is truly about, and the vast majority of Canadians have done just that! To those who have lost their livelihoods and businesses, I am deeply sorry and hope that the future brings you more robust prosperity when this is over!

  • Diane - 6 weeks ago

    Thank you Dr Henry and all the front line workers in BC.
    Please keep our boarders closed until at least until next Thanksgiving. If out numbers come down, great. After the May long weekend perhaps open up travel within BC.
    Our health workers and other front line workers are working so hard. We need our health back!
    Ignore the people who are against this. We must be kind, be calm and be safe. Thank you.

  • Unionjack - 6 weeks ago

    Canada is now a Dictatorial Police State where the incompetent elected officials control the weak.
    Does it not look familiar to what use to go on in Poland and Russia?

  • Qwalller - 6 weeks ago

    In Alberta they arrested 2 pastors.
    In Ontario it is illegal to go to church. The police can stop you at any time and demand that you provided I'd, if you do not, the police will arrest. Mass ticketing. Yet they are ignoring the increased crimes and the homeless.
    One would think that this would only happen in communist China. Canada is now communist China.

  • RobS. - 6 weeks ago

    So you are here because..............???

  • Karen Salahub - 6 weeks ago

    Wow ! You all have been stuck at home too long ! Hopefully this is the only outlet for your opinions! There's enough of this crap out there!

  • JohnT - 1 month ago

    LDoyle, read Section 1 of the Charter, it may enlighten you ever so slightly, and maybe, just maybe read a bit on political ideologies and the spectrum upon which they fall! Nazi and Communists, working together to subjugate our nation?? Seems unlikely but keep living in that other tin foil world you reside in! It's nice to see that in this country, you can still express your opinion, no matter how bizarre. I'm not so sure you would have that luxury under National Socialism or Communism? Food for thought.......

  • Norm - 1 month ago

    Papers pls! It was ok to hold an election to remain in power but in all reality Horgan and his puppet need to go. Far too many businesses are disappearing and the middle class are going to pick up the tab for this for the next fifty years. If you want to get vaccinated go ahead its your right to do so. That goes the same same for those who are healthy and dont want to get it. If you are compromised with health issues stay away. Get on with your lives and maybe Chek news will quit asking one sided NDP questions

  • L Doyle - 1 month ago

    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom:
    - Freedom of Religion
    - Freedom of Expression, including the media
    - Freedom of Peaceful Assembly
    - Freedom of Assembly
    - Freedom of Movement...
    Read the official document for yourself.
    All of our rights have been taken away.

    Canada is now a Fascist Nazi Communist State with Gestapo Enforcers.
    No different from living under the CCP in China, Russian or any other Authotirian Socialist Marxist Communist State.

  • Brett - 1 month ago

    We can’t enforce what measures we have now, open with screening for everyone or keep closed. Some can’t get vaccinated,,, so what just leave your toddler with a friend?! What a dumb and short sighted suggestion

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