How would you grade Brent Shafer's three-year tenure as Cerner's top executive? (Poll Closed)
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  • Ellemennopee87 - 6 weeks ago

    Brent who?


  • Cerner User - 6 weeks ago

    Maybe it was just all the fog of the past 1+ year dealing with the pandemic but Brent Shafer didn’t even warrant a blip on my radar. Cerner has some really good people on their team but some one needs to take the helm who can reassess their overall strategy. There is so much fragmentation in their offerings and they continue to hype the next great thing while very basic and essential features are unavailable or have atrocious usability. With the advent of FHIR apps, we’re stuck trying to cobble together one-off FHIR solutions for things like dictation and patient reported measures. On top of that their uCern discussion board, which helped organizations share ideas and solutions to problems, transitioned to a new platform this week. To say that it’s an unmitigated mess would be kind. So a leadership change will definitely be welcome!

  • KCnet - 6 weeks ago

    Brent was a wrong choice to start with
    How do u get a guy from an industry which has nothing to do with what Cerner was all about
    Under his leadership Cerner seems like a confused entity trying to go grab at anything shining -with no vision
    Or he may be the one having the last laugh -his intent was always to get Cerner ready to be acquired. May be IBM makes an offer -don’t see anyone else even Amazon interested
    2023 will be the year Cerner will be a different entity

  • UK Watcher - 6 weeks ago

    Brent's first tour through Europe, starting in London, sure made it sound as though he was serious about the Global parts of the business. Three years later, it's quite clear that it was all lip service. Most of the Siemens footprint has been sold on with no effort to try to flip it. He has been very US-focused, have to believe that's to sell out to the highest bidder. Good riddance, though I don't hold my breath that the next one will be any better.

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