Do you believe in alien abductions?


  • mizzbarnes - 3 years ago

    You know the old joke that parents tell their kids that if you were kidnapped, they would give you back because they would be tired of you....

    I feel like aliens would kidnap us, probe us, speed back, throw us out of the window and speed off!

  • Shay - 3 years ago

    aliens probably abduct animals and the helpless. Like I believe they would abduct that pitbull you got tied to a tree and give it a good home or have all those extinct animals we humans have killed off and put them on a decent human free planet. I dont know. I just know they aint abducting my Black ass

  • Kemdoc - 3 years ago

    I’ve watched enough XFiles to believe in it. There’s something they’re not telling us! Open that third eye.

  • Allegra - 3 years ago

    I, like Janelle, feel that there has to be other living beings out there. After all, it’s space, a lot of things can fill space. I also believe we’re not a threat to those beings at all. The only beings we threaten are ourselves. I do now wonder why we never (or maybe I have never) hear about Black folks being abducted??

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