Are you confident enough in cryptocurrency to use it for payments and money transfers?

  • Brady Boyd - 4 weeks ago

    Cryptocurrency is primarily for illegal purposes and to evade taxes. So please don't encourage or participate.

  • Brad Boner - 4 weeks ago

    Accept it at your peril! The entire Bitcoin/cryptocurrency fad is just that, a fad, and a cruel one at that. Those making money off it now haver many friends in those that invested early-on with Ponzi king Bernie Madoff. Keep your money safe. It's fine where it is. Greed will empty your wallet faster than a Tijuana/Las Vegas prostitute! I speak with full knowledge.

    Do not ever venture into the dark...

  • John H - 4 weeks ago

    Many people, especially the more senior like myself, missed the proverbial "boat" on crypto and don't really know the facts about electronic currency. As we die off, societies will continue to embrace electronic currency and paper currency will fade away. Just as newspaper companies are dying off now, replaced by online news. Many countries are now making their own electronic version of their currency with intention of replacing their paper altogether. In more developed countries it's sometimes difficult to pay with paper currency and you are expected to use a card or an app.

    I urge people that don't understand cryptocurrency to use the web and research it and gain understanding. Or simple resolve to the fact that you simply missed the boat. But electronic currency is here to stay. And if you are one of us that bought-in early to Bitcoin and others, you are very pleased today.

  • carlisle johnson - 5 weeks ago

    it's a Ponzi

  • James R Cook - 5 weeks ago

    Cryptocurrency's primary purposes seems to be:

    1. Facilitation of illegal transactions such as the drug trade and ransoms paid (think Colonial Pipeline).
    2. Attempted tax evasion.
    3. Conning the suckers who day trade.

  • Bruce Gelman - 5 weeks ago

    It may very well be smoke and mirrors but right now me and many others are making money off of it.The key is very short term buy/sells so you dont get caught holding the bag.Just saying.And young investors in Mexico are on the bandwagon already.It may very well be part of the future of commerce.One never knows.....

  • Marc Mittelstead - 5 weeks ago

    As USA prints more money dilution causes it to be worth less and in time worthless.
    Bitcon..... Backed by several wealthy power brokers has words backing it.... Both dollar and coin will fail.
    Want value and worth? Plant fruit trees

  • Joel Mateo - 5 weeks ago

    The US Gov will track you and charge you for short term capital gains tax...which can be a nightmare if you trade in this currency and fail to report all of your transactions...just saying...

  • George - 5 weeks ago

    Still too much of a mystery for me. Who is behind it? What’s the platform of support? How stable is it? Who/what backs it up with “good faith and credit” to make it reliable?

    BitCoin, to me, could be just another Enron. Enron was a great investment — until it fell apart, the bottom fell out, and it was exposed for what it really was.

    But, so far, people are using it and seem to be satisfied. More power to ‘em.

  • david mc donald - 5 weeks ago

    most mexicans would not be able to use it , it would be like monoply money but no merchant is going to accept it

  • Karen M Goodridge - 5 weeks ago

    I don't know what cryptocurrency is and don't care.

  • Sandra Kral - 5 weeks ago

    Frankly, I don't know enough about how it works to be confident enough to use it. I don't see any point in my learning, about it, as I don't need that kind of service.

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