Grade the midseason finale of 'The Oval':

  • Twine Victor - 3 weeks ago

    i enjoyed every bit of the show full of suspense and tension, looking forward to watching season 2 part 2
    Here in Kampala, Uganda East Africa (would be a dream come true to visit Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta and i tour round the various sets especially the White House Replica)

    Otherwise we thank Mr. Perry for for keeping us busy enjoying his show during lockdown

  • lavonya MCCRAY - 2 months ago

    I always felt it would turn out to be Nancy's father in law. But I thought it would have been a rape case kept silent. However the amount of killing in this series is very dark. I hate that they wrote in for Sam to cheat on Priscilla and the president the fart that he is, son. Needs to be given a brain removal.

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