Grade the 'Mayans MC' Season 3 finale:


  • Marguerite Monett - 2 years ago

    ¡Qué increíble! Awesome ending! We only just discovered The Mayans a month or so ago and binge-watched it! Now, after the cliff-hanging, all avenues still open ending, I cannot wait for season 4! Good character development, great casting. SO glad it has been renewed.

  • Holly - 2 years ago

    Sooo many unanswered questions!!!! "Cliffhanger" doesn't even do it justice!!! Pops betraying EZ, how will the family survive that... is Adelita's baby really alive... will Coco be let back into the club... CAN Coco and Hope get clean... what will Messed-Up Miguel do now and how will the truth come out that he really is a Reyes... will Emily finally leave the show- I mean, who really wants to see her pampered spoiled ass anymore... Potter is the love-to-hate villain but it would be satisfying to see him suffer... what does Adelita have planned with her revolution... how will the club survive the angry mob outside its gates... and Dear Lord, how does EZ survive - he can't be allowed to go all suicide mission since Gaby left him (he better not end up with Emily, she's a self-absorbed waste of space and EZ should be with Gaby) ughhhhhhhh waiting for Season 4 is gonna be torturous!! Love this show so much!!!

  • miguel ( aka kings of darkness,m.c.) - 2 years ago

    awesome,much better,it show the life Style of a 1%ers

  • Nestor Rivera - 2 years ago

    I never saw S.O.A but i really live the mayan i get mad wen seasons finish & can't wait for the next one. Now season 3 im a little confused with the ending it seems to like everyone is going to die there so wats up with season 4 just can't wait love ur show

  • Nestor Rivera - 2 years ago

    I never saw S.O.A but i really live the mayan i get mad wen seasons finish & can't wait for the next one. Now season 3 im a little confused with the ending it seems to like everyone is going to die there so wats up with season 4 just can't wait love ur show

  • Dawn - 2 years ago

    I really like this show - the plot is similar to SOA, but MMC has got more flesh on its bones. So many people vote for Emily. That character is self-centered, always wanting EZ to do her bidding, wanting him to wait for her. She knows what Galindo is and what he is capable of doing. She made her proverbial bed. Further, I think some of the characters have redeemed themselves in this episode. For example, Gilly at least goes to find Coco. For God’s sake - the Club deals heroin, but then judges and casts out Coco for being a junkie. Guess it’s like the MOB - don’t use what you deal.

  • Barbara (aka BAM) - 2 years ago

    On the edge of my seat the entire episode. Did not want it to end. It demanded I watch the repeat.

    Crazy about Taza character (RMT). He has my heart. Am thinking there's a chance that Bishop showed a little mercy and didn't take Taza out after all. We shall see. Fantastic series. All have a lot to be proud of.

  • Susan Squier - 2 years ago

    My mouth was hanging open the whole episode! It was amazing! What the hell is going to happen next with an ending like that?!

  • Yvonne Ortiz - 2 years ago

    If Marcus didn’t kill Ez and his loyalty is still with the Mayans we he return to the club. A lot of cliff hangers in this this last episode. Love this show.

  • Ruy Peña - 2 years ago

    One word: CLIFFHANGERS!!!!

  • Laurie Machia - 2 years ago

    I think S3 was the best one yet by far! There were so many things going on in the S3 finale it was tough to keep up with it all. The scene with Emily and EZ was so heartbreaking. Will EZ try to find Emily and help her because Gabby is no longer in the picture? Is Adelita and Angel's baby really still alive? If yes, will her and Angel get back together? Why did Potter warn Miguel that his house was going to be raided? Emily giving her wedding ring and leftover pills to Miguel was priceless! So many things are unresolved. I can't wait for S4. I think this series is right alongside SOA. That's how good it is! S4 can't come soon enough!

  • Cap rossi - 2 years ago

    I'm I the only one that sees the striking similarity between this show and SOA? It is basically all the same personal drama, all the same betrayal draped in a latin theme. I think Elgin James should write about something else for a while. Hey maybe a show about a black motorcycle gang or an Asia sport bike club?

  • Mary Ann - 2 years ago

    Unbelievable!!!! Storylines all tied up!!! I was a wreck in some of these scenes. Bummed having to wait another year for next season. James Elgin’s writing is fabulous!!! My fav scene: Miguel Galindo being handed Emily’s wedding ring and the pills leftover in her container. I’ve never seen so many mens’ chests in a series!!!! I like it!!! I can’t wait for this ensemble of talent walking up to receive their awards for this show next year!!!! So much talent all around!!!!!! The Mayans MC rock!!!!!

  • Jeffrey Sanchez - 2 years ago

    Mayans M.C. has done something I didn't think was possible. I believe at this point that the show has surpassed Sons of Anarchy for it's storytelling and its actors. Every season the show just keeps getting better and better. You have empathy for just about everyone on the screen, even the ones who are not good people on the surface because there is still something about all of them that is good. There is so much going on but it's never too much for the viewer to understand. Coco and his meth addiction and how it's portrayed on screen is some of the best television and acting I've seen. There should be, but probably won't be, nominations for at least two or three of the actors for awards, especially Coco (Richard Cabral) and Felipe (Edward James Olmos). Amazing show!

  • Cisco - 2 years ago

    Wow what a season, by far thee best show on TV I could watch it every day! So many different stories in one show it leaves you hungry for the next episode. I was very happy to see it was renewed for another season which can't start soon enough.

  • Irene - 2 years ago

    Galindo is getting what he deserves, EZ will find Gaby, and I'm hoping Adelitta finds her baby and back with Angel..I hope the club stays together and work it out with the other charters...I want season 4 to start, like next week...The waiting SUCKS

  • Frank - 2 years ago

    very little happened. just a lot of unresolved plots. terrible for a season ending episode

  • Stipo - 2 years ago

    Still picking my jaw up off the floor, season 4 cant get here fast enough!!!

  • David y Shepherd - 2 years ago

    Love this show. The season needs to be longer. So happy there's going to be another season. Hopefully a lot more seasons. Now I guess we have to wait till the next season.. I just can't get enough. So till then I guess we wait

  • Ros - 2 years ago

    I love this show i am a big fan

  • Misty - 2 years ago

    I love how much suspense is incorporated in this series! Since season 1 I have been addicted! The series just gets better and better! I can’t wait to see what happens with season 4 especially with everything that happened with the seasons finale!! But some kind of truce must come bc I doubt they would stand a chance against all of those Mayans! Lord I’m just waiting for the next season, go ahead already!!

  • Elaine Silva - 2 years ago

    Omg ! I was all over the place with my emotions first off I love ez I’ve seen him in other tv , and in movies n it was love at first sight , although I know him and Emily were child hood lovers , I really want him to end up with gabby , she’s so wholesome n pure n would make a better match with him n for him , on the other hand the guy that plays co co , I’ve seen him too in the tv series American crime and I disliked him on that for a long time , but now I feel for him my tv froze before he got rescued so I didn’t see that part but I will be watching it tonight on Hulu , I can’t wait for season 4 , I love this show I live for my Tuesdays with the Mayans !!!!!!! I love all of the story lines on this show !!!!! Kurt sutter has an amazing brain for his stories !!!!! All I can say is more more more !!!!!!! It’s gonna take to long for season 4 to start up idk how long I can keep it together till then !!!!!!!!

  • Lanie - 2 years ago

    it was a fantastic episode, I was hoping Gaby could've been more understanding about EZ but it didn't work out that way. I definitely do not want him Emily and Angel should be with Adelita especially since their son is alive, I believe Potter. I can't wait to see what happens next season because that mob on the other side of the door is bigger than who's in the club.

  • Ismael Gutierrez - 2 years ago

    Hate that the season ended. Left us in suspense, can't wait for next season.

  • Cris Ramos - 2 years ago

    Emily!!!!!!!!! Scene with her and EZ was heartbreaking! Ugh!!!
    Taza... he’s earned the right to live with all he’s done for the club!!! Need therepy after this episode!!!!!!!!!

  • Froide - 2 years ago

    Exciting episode, with lots of chickens coming home to roost.

    I don't understand why Potter warned Miguel; there's a catch there, somewhere.

    The mob outside the clubhouse gates reminded me of scenes from "The Walking Dead" franchise.

  • Tina - 2 years ago

    Awesome season that started off with a bang and ended with a bang. It was a wild ride, I'm already experiencing withdrawal. I might need a support group ????

  • Just me - 2 years ago

    Wish the season was longer and they would start season 4 sooner ! Fantastic show watched every episode and will be watching season 4 !

  • Just me - 2 years ago

    Wish the season was longer and they would start season 4 sooner ! Fantastic show watched every episode and will be watching season 4 !

  • Regina - 2 years ago

    I wish the season was longer. I was pleasantly surprised Gaby left without EZ. I don’t want him with her, she’s sweet, beautiful, & smart. But it’s too soon for them to live together. EZ has to go towards the light for himself, not b/c she lives in the light. Angel & Nails know each other better than EZ & Gaby.

  • S. B. - 2 years ago

    Loved it. Wished the season was longer and Cant wait till the next season. Thanks

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