Grade 'B Positive' Season 1 overall

  • Martie Orzech - 2 months ago

    DEFINITELY renew!!! Great cast, especially Annaleigh Ashford (SO funny!) & Linda Lavin & Darryl Stephens.

  • Patricia Hopwood - 2 months ago

    Be positive is a refreshing, funny and touching show. All the characters are so likeable and although the topic is unusual it is relevant for today. Being an organ donor is a selfless act of kindness and this show makes people think about how they could save a person's life.
    This show definitely should be renewed!

  • Barbara Baites - 2 months ago

    Renew. I have polycystic kidney disease, a very little known inherited condition. Erma Bombeck also had PKD and died from complications of a transplant, not breast cancer as is commonly thought. I had a successful transplant 8 years ago. My brother was my donor and I will always be grateful. This show is not only entertaining, but helps increase awareness of the need for organ donors. Not everyone my want to be a live donor, but being a donor after death is also greatly appreciated! The show has some inaccuracies - dialysis is no piece of cake, diet/fluid restrictions are harsh, and the financial cost can be high. But that wouldn't be funny. They should do more serious postscripts to educate about these issues.

  • Jane - 2 months ago

    I really like this show it's different and really good. I hope definitely that there's a season two I mean, they can't leave us hangin.... can they??

  • Jody Tienda - 2 months ago


  • Ronnie G Austin - 2 months ago

    I love the show please don't cancel's funny and I love Gins..

  • Rits Belloma - 2 months ago

    Love this show. Would be disappointed if it did not return.
    Realistic for me, plus comedy. Drew and Gins are a great pair.

  • Paula K - 2 months ago

    Love this show! Hope it comes back for another season. We definitely need more comedy in our lives now.
    Just read that one network does not have even one comedy in their next lineup. I'll be watching the networks WITH comedy shows.

  • Don Browning - 2 months ago

    This show has so much HEART and the characters are really great. PLEASE RENEW FOR A SECOND SEASON1

  • Cynde Frizzell - 2 months ago

    I am so hoping that B Positive will be renewed. It is one of the best new shows this season and deserves another year. My entire office and I, along with several of our patients, all watch every Thursday night and then have a group discussion and laugh.
    Please, CBS, renew!!!

  • Carolin Barwick - 2 months ago

    I liked BPositive. I’m hopeful for another season. I’m so tired of guns shootings starting a story line and story lines about the dark side of society.
    I want more theater about how we can lift ourselves up. How many people are stuck in the gun cycle of entertainment? And using guns to stand out in society?

  • Susan - 2 months ago

    Love this show!! Please bring it back for at least a second season!!

  • Humberto Boza - 2 months ago

    I loved the show. My girl haa kidney failure to and enjoyed it. Please bring it back.

  • Barry Walker - 2 months ago

    I suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease and have found this brilliantly written show TO BE an outlet for the many feelingS I have about potential dialysis and a possible kidney transplant. This show has versions of my friends and I find them highly relatable. Please keep this show on for Season 2 and Beyond, as well.

  • Nancy Lilleberg - 2 months ago

    As a kidney donor 27 years ago, this show warmed my heart. The final episode brought back wonderful memories!! Thank you, and PLEASE renew it for Season 2!! Please!!

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