Which singer were you sorriest to see eliminated?

  • Donna - 2 months ago

    It definitely will be Mckensie and Cam in the final and I wish they both could win.
    Hope Cam does more old jaz songs

  • Krystal - 2 months ago

    What to win the voices this year is Mathew

  • coachgsk - 2 months ago

    The problem I have with some of the judges (i.e. Blake) is that he pumps up and puts through singers who have no business being there. This allows the fickle fan base to vote for someone less talented than some not chosen by coaches to advance. It's a singing competition, not personality. Jordan should not have been there and he even said so himself.

  • Bonnie Dixon - 2 months ago

    Beyond comprehension how a repeat of last season reflected those deserving individuals let go...I can not entertain watching Voice again ..

    Out of all the talent left standing in the top 5 ..the one chosen floored me!

  • Des - 2 months ago

    Corey, was the best of the best then Gieanna then Cam, this is BS I love Blake but dam dude

  • Cheryl Hindinger - 2 months ago

    You guys really Screwed Up!! She was the Best and she’s so young…

  • cagney1950 - 2 months ago

    Very sorry to see Gihanna eliminated. I hope this exposure will lead to a path for future success. She is special. She was my second favorite. Cam all the way although I like Kenzie's voice as well. To me, the other two finalists from team Nick and team legend are pleasant but not particularly special.

  • TommyBoy$ - 2 months ago

    Gihanna should have won the whole show. Who the heck votes on these contests? She is already the best singer and performer. At 17, she is going to be a superstar one day. I love country, but that girl can be a star in any genre.

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