Which remaining 'Idol' finalist gets your vote?

  • Dianna - 2 months ago

    This is why I stopped watching after J Hudson was eliminated so early. Haven’t watched since untilI channel surfing past and that young lady’s voice made me stop and go back. Definitely robbed I think but with her talent at such a young age, I can’t imagine Casey Bishop will not be well known in a few years.

  • Janet Pierce - 2 months ago

    I won’t be watching the finale. Casey Bishop was clearly the sort of artist that fits the America. idol person a. The others have good voices but they are not stars and would not be anyone’s idol (Chayce is the closest of the three).

  • Alice Nuckles - 2 months ago

    I think it should have been between Chase and Casey I like both of them but I like Casey a little bit better but still it should have been between Chase and Casey I wish there was a way that you could bring her back and give her a contract to thank you.

  • James D Sullivan - 2 months ago

    When I read Billie Ellish say she was voting for grace because of her body issue it was no longer about who was more talented but instead who had the bigger body. Casey was definitely the idol winner .

  • JD - 2 months ago

    Casey was the clear front runner...no need to continue watching

  • Sallie - 2 months ago

    The humble attitude plus the amazing voice and talent should bring Chaucer to the winners circle. No tricks or phoniness, just raw talent. I’m voting for you Chance!!!

  • Terry L Taylor - 2 months ago

    Beckham all the way. He is not only talented singer, but also musician and song writer. The other two are very talented songers only. Beckham has his own original sound. I would buy his music.

  • Tom - 2 months ago

    It should have been between Casey and Chayce for #1.

  • Wes Hardin - 2 months ago

    I won't watch the finale, the only talent is now gone. Good luck Casey

  • Ellie - 2 months ago

    Chayce Beckham all the way!! ????

  • Sean - 2 months ago

    Casey should have been final 3 . My opinion. Casey is the better than the 3 remaining contestants

  • Peggy McGibbon - 2 months ago

    Chayce for sure. great singer and songwriter.

  • Marcia Bresnahan - 2 months ago

    Should be Chasye he is a total package. Someone people will go to see in concert. Grace is good but would like her to sing one simple ballad with out screaming somewhere in it. Do believe Casey was better. Young people will go to her concerts. Willie will do well in religious format of music. Always sings them beautifully.

  • Bev - 2 months ago

    I think America got it right. Casey's too young to be able to handle the pressure the industry would put on her.

  • Yvette RIFKIN - 2 months ago

    Casey should have definitely been in the top 3. I think she should have won. She had the most growth on the show. She sang songs from almost every genre effortlessly. She also had real stage presence and personality. Her voice is absolutely captivating.

    Chayce will probably end up winning, because this Country loves a comeback story, and he’s very attractive and personable. His voice is very nice, but he’s more of a singer/songwriter. I think of the top 3 Willie has the best VOICE.

  • Jack refiti - 2 months ago

    Ava august was better than others. Casey was next. I think a lot of teen aged girls voted against them. Others get sympathy votes.

  • Shirley - 2 months ago

    Chayce Beckham will be next American Idol. He's like Chris Daugherty.

  • Jodi-Lyn Mauger - 2 months ago

    I am sorry Casey was eliminated. My opinion is she was much better than Grace.

  • Darletha Palmer - 2 months ago

    I think Mr. Teddy Bear should win. (Willie) He can sing everything and anything. OMG a voice to die for. Willie is the next American Idol.

  • Michael Toynton - 2 months ago

    Casey should have made it some hiw america loves pop and country music i have 2 listen 2 ciuntry music at work 4 hours it makes me depressed im sure it makes people harm themselves hey people rock isnt dead

  • Ronnie - 2 months ago

    Katy Perry encouraged voters to vote for Grace that was not fair to Casey. Lionel and Luke were very fair.

  • Juanita Townsend - 2 months ago

    I think Chayce should win. His voice is real, unique soulful. He doesn't scream and holler. I really did like Aruthur and hoped he win because he as well had a unique voice. But America apparently doesn't like unique. So I vote for Chayce !!!!!

  • Margaret - 2 months ago

    I agree. I think Casey should be in the final 3 along with Grace and Willie. I don’t think Chayce is a better singer than any of them.

  • ERIC SKUBAL - 2 months ago

    I think chayce Beckham should win the American idol finale he is at 48 percent so I hope he wins the American idol finale

  • Laurie - 2 months ago

    Casey was beyond amazing. I can't wshe was voted off. Maybe one of the judges will fund her first album. I can't wait to buy it!

  • Veronica - 2 months ago

    Willie Spence will be the next American Idol. His voice is amazing, here's a male vocalist who can sing Adele, Rihanna, Beyonce, Cynthia Erviro, Elton John, John Legend and doesn't miss a note. Let Chayce attempt to sing anyone of these artist's song as well as Grace. Then we will see if Chayce or Grace is the total package. Chayce can sing worth a ????.. He has never sing a high note, he's always flat, he sounds like the maiden call of the moose ????

  • Ginger Rough - 2 months ago

    Chayce Beckham for the win. A real musician ????

  • Mary ludwick - 2 months ago

    I think grace really deserves it she is the real package

  • B - 2 months ago

    Grace will win and be the voice in every Disney movie for the next decade. Hands down the best singer in the competition.

  • Fabianne - 2 months ago

    Should have been Casey and Willie in the finale.

  • Betty Welch - 2 months ago

    Chance is the total package but Grace has the best voice. Casey shoould have won.

  • EM - 2 months ago

    Casey is the total package.. I'm very disappointed.. She will be the most successful of this year's AI.

  • David - 2 months ago

    Agree Casey should have been in final 3 ! She will get a music contract somewhere anyway ????

  • Janet - 2 months ago

    Casey should be in that final group, shocked & disappointed she did not make it. She is the whole package of what I think an American Idol should be
    She will be very successful.

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