Who WILL win 'American Idol'?

  • Norene - 4 months ago

    I think that the voting off of Grace was very unfair. The three contestants should have all had the same amount of voting time. She had a very short time and was considered the first voted off. If that was the case who ever had the most results should have won at that point. Voting should close for everyone at the same time. This was VERY UNFAIR!! IF THATS THE WAY VOTNG IS GOING TO BE. YOU WILL LOOSE VIEWERS!!##### My husband and I have watched all seasons but may not follow you any longer. It looks like someone in the back ground is choosing their winner not the viewers. Shutting down the voting for one contestant to get who they want is not fair.

  • Carolyn Martin - 4 months ago

    I feel Willie Spence should win American idol because he's by far the best singer on this season.

  • Saçonda Crawford - 4 months ago

    Willie has the voice of a big Angel!!! I love his sanging! He doesn't sing he sangs!!! There is a difference ☺️

  • Elnita - 4 months ago

    Willie should win because he sang songs anybody can relate to and he puts his heart and soul in it. I pray that he win. He should be the American Idol.????????

  • Michele Badalucca - 4 months ago

    I honestly feel that Casey Bidhop was the winner of this whole competition, and somehow America got it wrong. Very sad. The three that are left are phenomenal singers as well, so here is my personal prediction. I think Chayce will win, and by all rights he should. Excellent songwriter and singer! When he sings, you believe every single thing he's saying. Willie will follow 2and. BEAUTIFUL, soulful voice if I ever heard one. And Grace will be 3rd. She's great as well. The only confusion I feel, is a toss up between Willie and Chayce. It's gonna be VERY CLOSE!!
    Best wishes to them ALL. They all deserve the recognition for coming this far. Congratulations to the winner! ????????????????

  • Elnita - 4 months ago

    Willie should win because he sang songs anybody can relate to and he puts his heart and soul in it. I pray that he win. He should be the American Idol.????????

  • Big Bopper - 4 months ago

    Grace has the best vocal range of the three and her song choices for tonight's final will blow the others away ! Grace could sing any genre of music , and her charisma and stage presence is second to none My money is on Grace !

  • Kim R. - 4 months ago

    I've been carefully studying their voices and the only one that has sung flawlessly every time is Grace. Chayce has a nice sound but his range is limited. Willie is so special and has a music career if he chooses to pursue it if he doesn't win, as does Chayce. It seems that sometimes American Idol becomes a cute guy contest. I wish the judges would always have 50% of the final vote. Regardless of all this, I can't stop watching AI. So much incredible talent!!

  • Jeri Hahn - 4 months ago

    I feel that of all three, Chayce would be the front runner. All of them have amazing vocals, but Chayce he's a triple threat... Singer, song writer, and musician. He has the best chance of turning his win into a huge career like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.

  • Darlene - 4 months ago

    I love Chayce Beckhams style. He brings a new sound and style of music.
    Sooo tired of the same voices.
    The screaming and runs.????.

    I would love to hear Chayce write & sing some Christian music. ✝️.

  • Darlene - 4 months ago

    Where is my comment ??

  • Maria Ortiz - 4 months ago

    Although all 3 contestants are great but I love Grace's voice she can sing anything it angelic. Grace is my vote. Good luck to all.

  • Kathy - 4 months ago

    I like them all. Will be happy for all of them. Grace's voice is gorgous...but i love Willie too. Chayce is. Good but thought Casey should gave that spot.... just remember all the 2nd, 3rd and 4th runner ups from previous years made it farther than the actual winner. Look at Daughtry, and others

  • Nico Gonzales - 4 months ago

    Grace Kinstler will definitely win this. She's truly amazing.

  • Lisa Brathwaite - 4 months ago

    Willie will win.

  • Kristie Venable - 4 months ago

    I really want Grace to win, but I don't feel like she will win. I feel like she will be 2nd place. Wille 3rd and Chayce the winner! From the moment American Idol started I liked Alyssa Wray, DeShawn Congalves, Grace Kinstler, Madison Watkins, and Chayce Beckham. And I said that Beckham. And Kinstler would be top 3.

  • Bet - 4 months ago

    I like them all
    Willie captured my heart

  • Donna Little - 4 months ago

    I love all 3 and they will all be winners but Chayce deserves the win for American Idol I'm 74 and watch American Idol everytime it's been on my granddaughter Tiffany usually watches it with me but she died on June 3rd last year we are huge fans of country music she would have picked him do so go Chayce

  • Lisa - 4 months ago

    All three of them are great but I think chayce will win

  • Donna Little - 4 months ago

    I love all 3 and they will all be winners but Chayce deserves the win for American Idol

  • Michael Anderson - 4 months ago

    We want Casey,We want Casey,We want Casey!!??

  • Nicole Crocker - 4 months ago

    Willie should be the winner. He has a truly incredible voice who reaches everyone. His singing touches your soul. If he does not win, I will be surprised, yet I won't be. Willie will still go far; he doesn't need American Idol anyway.

  • Elaine Ann Thomas - 4 months ago

    Love Willie Spence. Great voice, great presence. Grace is a little over the top. Chayce doesn't do it for me. Not as unforgettable as the other two.

  • Rose Christophel - 4 months ago

    Liked Ava, Alyssa and Casey, but remember everyone, this is America's popular vote. And someone has to leave each week. So we can't get so angry that our favorites get voted off because obviously the majority of Americans voted for the ones that are left. So please just accept what is and be proud of the 3 that are left. It's anyone's game. And remember the votes can be close and all 3 or even top 10 will most probably get record deals. I will happy for the winner regardless!!

  • Tonya Burrell - 4 months ago

    I want Willie to win so much, I really do. We predicted him going to the finale from his audition. Just Sam last year was amazing. I was really shocked that she won as the winner is typically a pop singer. As much as I want Willie to win, I think chase is going to take it and that will really disappoint me but they can't have 2 non pop singers in a row. Smdh

  • Emily Gagliardi - 4 months ago

    Chayce had a different voice different vibe , should be able to pull this off.

  • Lisa - 4 months ago

    I have been watching AI since my daughter was 13, she’s 31 now. If Willie doesn’t win, I will NEVER watch again! Not that AI will miss me, but Chayce winning? ????????????I have never liked his performances, nor Casey Bishop’s, & I have a great ear for GREAT singers. As far as I’m concerned, they got rid of Ava & Alyssa WAY too soon, WHAT was America thinking?? Ava had an authentic voice, like no one else. Maybe not the strongest, but I really liked her style. And Alyssa was just plain TALENTED! Well good luck Willie, I’m rootin’ (and voting) for ya! ????

  • Deborah - 4 months ago

    I am very disappointed Casey was voted off American Idol. She definitely would have one this talent show????

  • joy mcguire - 4 months ago

    They are ALL such GREAT SINGERS!! SEEM to have GREAT personalities, grace, and humbleness!

    I favor Willie more. There is just something extraordinary about him! He truly did do some serious spiritual feeling songs!! I would LOVED to hear him sing, "Take Me To The King"!!


  • Jane Lee - 4 months ago

    Great season. So much talent. Good talented contestants were sent home. I'm in love with American Idol.

  • Kim Zimmerman - 4 months ago

    the best and most deserving rarely wins on Idol.

  • Petey - 4 months ago

    American Idol is for "Pop" stars. Yes, Willie Spence can sing the Dictionary but his voice is spiritual and we need him in Gospel music. I would love for him to win, but this may go to Chase.

  • Tina Reiter - 4 months ago

    Grace has the far SUPERIOR, greatest range, most professional voice HANDS DOWN! It'll be a ridiculous horrible rip off if she doesn't win!!!
    The 2 guys voices are distinctive, but NOT great voices. Only Grace has a spectacular GREAT voice!

  • Trollis - 4 months ago

    Cathy, you sound like a real piece of trash. Talking like that about a little kid. She is more talented than you ever will be.

  • Troliis - 4 months ago

    While I feel like the best of the season are already gone the person I feel that has the most to offer with the widest range is probably Willie. He can sing anything and has range. I do think some of his performances are boring but his voice is always fabulous. I can't deny his talent. Grace is very good vocally but I feel like there are others who sound like her. Chayce is good as well, but to me he is the most vocally limited. He has one sound and that is it. Lacks range from what I've seen. The girls love him because they think he is cute and that isn't the basis of the competition. Honestly I feel like no matter who you vote for or who I vote for Idol ultimately chooses every week while letting us think we have a voice. They already know who won a long time ago.

  • Betty Portis - 4 months ago

    they all are good but Willie is so great hope he wins

  • Dwight Byrd - 4 months ago

    I believe that Willie Spence has a voice that will, as Lionel Richie said, is going to save someone's life. He has such a beautiful voice and a spirit that is honest and sweet. I really hope he wins and that he will enjoy a wonderful and successful musical career.

  • Andrea - 4 months ago

    Chayce Beckham has the most beautiful clear n clean voice and vocels , right on always , when he sings you just dont want him to stop, his singing takes you to a beautiful place , it lifts you high n your spirit soars in happiness n peace .And you still feel it for hours afterwards.CHAYCE BECKHAM DESERVES TO WIN HE'S DEFINITELY THE BEST (WITH WILLIE RUNNER -UP)

  • Yoyo - 4 months ago

    Ginger you are TRASH ????????????

  • Michael Foster - 4 months ago

    Willie need to be the next American Idol. I am praying hard.
    Go Willie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ginger - 4 months ago

    Chayce has all my votes.
    I want to rock!!
    I don’t want to go to church.
    I don’t want to wait for the fat lady to sing.

  • Denny Liska - 4 months ago

    I think Casey should have won, but I like the remaining 3. It's hard to choose, they are all fantastic singers. If I had to pick one I'd I would choose Grace. She, Willie and Casey were my 3 picks from day one. I have a great ear for singers, as I am a musician myself. They all should have a successful career. Chayse has a unique voice and with his stunning good looks and great body he will get votes for those attributes. Best of luck to all.

  • Myra - 4 months ago


  • Gloria - 4 months ago

    I think they're all amazing. It's hard to choose who might win. I really like Chayce because he's down to earth and love his gravelly voice. Grace is undeniably a great singer and strong person. Her song choices are phenomenal. She is also very beautiful lady. Willie has a heart of gold and is such a sensitive young man. I love his song choices and his strong faith. He is such a great performer and very humble, which I like. I think Chayce might get it because of his looks, terrific voice and down to earth attitude. The girls really like that and they might vote him the winner. It's so hard to choose as they all are very talented.

  • Cathy - 4 months ago

    I Want Willie to Win, but any of them are good, Just Happy Casey lost, she was just terrible, no talent at all, just a yeller. If people thought she was robbed you should have Voted for her, so stop complaining, She Lost and glad she's gone!!!

  • shelia d McBride - 4 months ago

    I'm pulling for willie to me he's the best out of all three. And I'm praying he makes it.

  • Billie Mayberry - 4 months ago

    Chayce #1 no doubt from west tn

  • Frank - 4 months ago

    Chayce? Something is in the Kool aid.

  • Frank - 4 months ago

    Willie Spence should 100% win American Idol. Grace.Kinsler 95% and Chayce Becham 50%. Two seasons ago Michael J Woodard got screwed. He was clearly the best there. Willie Spence is that guy . Chayce is the frontrunner and not because of his voice.

  • Jan - 4 months ago

    I believe Casey Bishop was robbed. This young lady grew in front of us. I.hope Casey becomes a star in her own.

  • Valerie Jacques Lehman - 4 months ago

    This year had some of the most talented vocalists ever! I believe several will have big careers, the top 3, plus Casey, Ava and hopefully Arthur! Any of the finalists could win! I would put Grace and Willie ahead of Chayce, but I know how this country loves country, so wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the vote.

  • Nathalie - 4 months ago

    All are amazing talents: My opinion:

    WILLE DESERVES to win, hands down!!! Angel! Take me to church!
    If not Willie, Chase!

    Grace amazing technically but she doesn’t make me “feel”, I don’t get her identity. She’s being promoted as being success story for weight loss, positive attitude: but SHE HAD GASTRIC BYPASS! What kind of message is that.

  • Maile Kinimaka - 4 months ago

    Casey should have been a finalist.

  • Sherl Adkisson - 4 months ago

    I loved Chayce from the beginning along with Hunter but Hunter got voted off so I PICK CHAYCE ZO TAKE IT HOME TO BE OUR NEXT AMERICAN IDOL

  • Pamela Coker - 4 months ago

    He is the best he's the real deal love him

  • Julieanna Bryant - 4 months ago

    I loved wilie from the beginning. He is going to be a star no matter what. God Bless
    Grace is beautiful too. However, America looks at the whole picture.
    Chance Beckham has the whole package: Garth Brooks looks, voice and presence. He is going g to be a SUPERSTAR...he is the WINNER.
    I'm glad they eliminated Casey. Sixteen is to young.
    .try later.

  • Mimi - 4 months ago

    All three are very talented and will be successful. That said, I believe Chayce will take the prize.

  • Victor - 4 months ago

    She is the best....

  • Patricia Ventrella - 4 months ago

    I thought the talent this year was terrible! The singers all have to see who can SCREAM the loudest!
    Guitar players like Glenn Campbell were great. Now he knew how to PLAY and SING!Take Johnny Cash,another grand guitar player and a distinct voice to match. All of the guitar players on American Idol,
    Sound alike, nothing different about them. Luke Bryant got where he is because of looks only.
    Sorry,to say the Judges are way off base, they don’t Know how to pick TALENT.

    Lionel Richie, YES,he has a beautiful voice,and certainly writes beautiful songs. Kathy Perry, I call her
    the Idol Clown another mistake of someone else’s judgment, who didn’t know talent when they saw or heard it.

    I might be 88 yrs old, but I’ve lived long enough to know the difference between what I see and hear!!!!!!

  • Fanny Italia - 4 months ago

    Casey definitely is the one. His success so far is based not only on his voice which tell the life stragglers he experienced but also his natural humble attitude and undeniable charm.
    His smile goes right into your heart.
    The beautiful story of the “good for nothing” human arising above his failures with the commitment and resilience of a fighter.
    Go Casey dear you deserve to win.
    I’m a 84 years old granny that can appreciate gold when sees some.

  • Noni - 4 months ago

    I am 72 year old woman and Chayce is definitely eye candy and has a great voice to boot.
    All three I feel have careers after the show, including Casey. It all boils down to the number of votes they get. Hasn’t been the first time that someone non deserving wins and the best gets voted off. Look at what Adam Lambert has done! Lead singer for Queen! He should have won Idol that year hands down! But too many tween girls voted that year and Adam lost. The talent this year is the best ever!

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