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How does the HIMSS21 "vaccinated attendees only" policy change your plans to attend? (Poll Closed)

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  • JVM69 - 3 years ago

    Sam and B,

    I had COVID, so given natural immunity, no need form me to vaccine under the current circumstances. The current circumstances include an emergency use only vaccine which has never been applied to human subjects until the trials last year, the fact that side effects could occur and longer terms effects are unknown. I am annoyed that the messaging from the CDC has been inconsistent and now revolves around "Protect yourself and loved ones". Yes, there is a strong evidence that you are protected when vaccinated or have natural immunity. But you are not protecting loved ones. The facts in the trial sheets (CDC website) point to some subjects getting COVID post vaccination and transmission. Yes, go get vaccinated and reduce your symptoms but do not make false claims that you are protecting others. HIMSS and this passport policy discriminated against those like me, and others with exemptions. If you are vaccinated, what is the issue? I had hoped and am glad the number of people, like me, who planned to go and now will not is outpacing the number of people that were not going to attend and now will. See you in FL where there are no passports!

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    To RA (and others who are considering not getting vaccinated) - since this is largely anonymous, do you mind sharing your reasons for not getting vaccinated? Individual health issue (e.g. allergy to a component)? Concern about emergency use authorization that will change when/if it gets full approval (assuming there are still meaningful case counts)? Assessment of low personal risk compared to risk/annoyance of side effects? Something else?

  • RA - 3 years ago

    Not planning to get vaccinated, therefore unqualified to attend.

  • B - 3 years ago

    Would be interested to hear the rationale for "I was going but won't now". Are these folks who aren't planning on being vaccinated by August? Morally opposed to the point of boycott...?

  • JVM69 - 3 years ago

    This is a clearly a reaction and not a plan. We'll look back on decisions full of holes and ask what was the rational.

    1) Applies to attendees/booth staff only, not support staff at Venetian, catering, trucking, booth setup and elsewhere who will be in and out. Attendees won't come in contact with them there or as soon as they leave?
    2) Speakers may still have to wear face shields - to protect whom?
    3) Gatherings may be outside (August in Vegas - that should be comfortable)
    4) No clearly identified verification solution which should allow for lab results of positive or negative tests.

    And to top it off, if you are vaccinated, then what is the concern. The CDC says your protected. So if some chooses not to be, so what. Or are you protected?

  • Larry Kaiser - 3 years ago

    I think this is a good move as other events have done the same. HLTH, Epic UGM, and CHIME. This will be a new norm for some time.

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